Preparation for finishing work, usually depends on what kind of finishing work to do – inside or outside. But in any case, start any finishing work is to determine their volume, ie with measuring the area under the finish. Of course, if you started to repair the apartment, office or repair of building a cottage having been prepared by the project or home design project, the need for measurements should fall off automatically, but in most cases, in order to avoid inaccuracies, control measurements must still hold. After the measuring and determining the volume of finishing work to create conditions for the start work. Ie if the finishing work will be carried out in the living room (with full or partial renovation of apartments) must be removed for interior furniture, rugs, shelves, racks, lamps and chandeliers, paintings, switches and sockets, curtains and curtain rods, etc.

If the repair of an apartment or office repairs done in the new building, or performed before entering the empty apartment, you can move on to decorating. In preparation for the Implementation of external finishing works also need to remove anything that might interfere with finish to start building. If the finishing work will not be running in the new room or building, the preparation for their implementation should end the dismantling of existing structures and coatings: the dismantling of walls, flooring, doors, windows, plumbing, wallpaper removal, etc. Now that we've figured out the preparatory work needed attention and materials for finishing works. Of course, that the choice of material for otelochnyh works (such as exterior and interior decoration) are just huge. However, despite the fact that even before the repair apartment, office or repair of building a cottage, already know the form materials for decoration and / or front (according to the project home design project or on request), high-quality material to choose from reliable manufacturer at the best price, quite an easy task. To avoid becoming a victim of the incompetence of builders that can make a mistake and pick up conflicting or not very high quality materials, you can either use the materials is strictly on the project, or entrust the choice of materials experienced professionals. After all, what would be material for finishing work was not selected (plaster, tile, wallpaper, floor covering, drywall construction, siding, paneling, glue, putty, etc.), it can differ both in composition, so by the manufacturer, which affects its performance. Now that the preparatory work completed, the selected material and form of painting and decorating, you can begin to implement repair apartments, office renovation or decorating the cottage. It remains only to choose an experienced contractor who will implement the existing project, the design decisions and client's wishes by doing finishing work and in time.

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses from the carcass is divided into stages: selection-cut areas with good stands;-logging, timber selection, suitable for cutting a log house;-removal of wood (logs), log-in calibration diameter, length, sbezhistosti individually for a specific log, log-cutting, production of sawn timber, for a complete log home, moss harvesting, transportation, wooden house, home-construction of log cabins; Technological break of three months or more for deposits log, and finishing work: konopatka log home, log polishing, etc., interior-log: cut doors, windows, etc. Log House log of manual felling comfortable and practical structure, subject to the technology of building a log house. The quality of the logs used in log cabin is one of the basic conditions for Q-wood forest doma.Severny most suitable for log cabins homes log cabins saunas, log cabins cottages, production of sawn timber. An important condition for the use of wood-harvesting of winter. In winter, the tree of life processes slow down, freezes the moisture rings shrinking, compacting timber. Under the control room log log prepared:-processing the logs with an ax (barking), processing logs scraper, timber-processing plane. The method depends on the particular order framework. A log house is chopped way manual cuttings from a single log. The main types of cutting a log house: in the cup, and in his paw. Wooden houses, log cabins out of logs favorably with the durability of wooden houses from the calibration houses of timber.