More than 350 reports around the theme design. While the offer is somewhat longer than 12 months online, but as design Messenger write the authors only since the end of last year posts around the subject of design. Consequently, also just celebrated the first birthday of the format, and assess for 365 posts. \”To write posts about this exciting and diverse topic as fun, and the increasing number of readers shows that we are on the right track\”, Florian Hirschmann, even designer and founder of the blog, says the themselves as Fachblog around the theme understands. Nearly 200 registered users and are currently eight different active authors maintain daily relevant messages, in addition to Florian Hirschmann a opinions and reviews. This involves in particular reporting current design events, design competitions, design conferences or symposia, as well as to the review of new logos, Web sites and corporate identities of famous brands. And while not saving also with criticism: \”be very critical partly discussed work by me, but by no means I want to see considered the nagging understood as wrong, that serves only to itself or the down rating of other designers. Not at all! Each post on design shows Messenger that other creative work have perceived, it is worth mentioning.

Preferably constructive criticism hearing should be given therefore but at best.\”so by Florian Hirschmann on the page to read. And the concept is: per month are now around 20,000 readers to design a Messenger and get messages from across of the creative industries. Whether the new on air design channels like ZDF, ProSieben, sat. 1, comments on campaigns, such as the latest report about the new AIDS Praventationskampagne of the Rainbow e.V. and the start of Burda’s ‘nachrichten.de’, or reviews of new logos of large companies such as ENI, Sony, Audi or Opel. The majority of the permanent readers comes from the context of the creative economy and taking all positions that are possible.

Affordable Interior Design

Boudoir the Berlin facility professionals Zimmer4Kinder let children’s dreams for each original and affordable has jungle fever, the castle of Knights or princesses with this claim the Berlin Interior Design Office Zimmer4Kinder two years ago on the redesign of nurseries specializes. Rooms regardless of whether horses, jungle, princesses -, football -, or Star Wars, Zimmer4Kinder can meet each still so mad children’s desire. Thanks to their many years of service on the planning team for the TV format used in 4 walls”the founder of Katrin Dzenus many simple nursery has already can turn into real life dreams. Whether babies or teens rooms, whether much or little place, whether new or old furniture: Zimmer4Kinder is a perfect solution tailored to the space depending on the budget, for each child’s room: Let’s go from 10 euros per square meter. 3D representation including on-site, craftsman visits include the Zimmer4Kinder service telephone consultations, Recommendations u.v.m. also a free 3D-Planungsservice, which visualizes the planned measures before and during the planning phase for the customers. With this service, Zimmer4kinder offers especially those who live not in Berlin or just have little time with attractive added value. The redesign can be implemented solely on the basis of telephone conversations, dimensions, image material and common ideas..