Computing Centre

Registration is free and providing the data is the same as in a software. The rides be it in the form of settlement cases per patient transport. Companies in the field of the qualified patient have the possibility to collect the data itself or to deliver an existing software solution on the DMRZ. Charles Koch is likely to agree. The online solution of the German medical Computing Centre is better than any billing software and works much like online banking: the DMRZ is always up to date, with software updates are unnecessary. Pre-financing from 1.1 per cent especially in the area of the qualified patient concerns the settlement of high totals with the payers.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the money to secure liquidity so as quickly as possible on the account. The German medical data center offers a cheap, where the money either already 24 hours after the electronic delivery of the billing of the services is credited its customers in cooperation with the renowned Bank for social economy (BfS). The prices for this service are also very cheap: for immediate Settlement centres and factoring institutions fees require payment, often over 2.5 percent. Over this classic Variant, you can save 40 percent of payroll costs at the DMRZ about. A monthly turnover of approx.

25,000 euro gross, the annual savings is, for example, around 3,000 euros. However, not only the emergency is possible: the DMRZ offers a season model, where for each company is the ideal rate this. The payouts will cost 1.3 per cent of the invoice amount, the payment after 15 days only 0.6 per cent. More hidden costs, usual, there is no such as at many centres of settlement at the DMRZ. The DMRZ is the best solution for the DTA rescue services and private providers in the qualified ambulance services should use the Internet platform of the DMRZ for the settlement of travel and transport costs, within the framework of the disk Exchange. Cheaper and more comfortable it isn’t. In terms of unqualified sick, the solution of the German medical Computing Centre is already the standard for the electronic settlement with health insurers. So far five transport associations have concluded a contract with the DMRZ, which ensures its members attractive special conditions.

Affordable Interior Design

Boudoir the Berlin facility professionals Zimmer4Kinder let children’s dreams for each original and affordable has jungle fever, the castle of Knights or princesses with this claim the Berlin Interior Design Office Zimmer4Kinder two years ago on the redesign of nurseries specializes. Rooms regardless of whether horses, jungle, princesses -, football -, or Star Wars, Zimmer4Kinder can meet each still so mad children’s desire. Thanks to their many years of service on the planning team for the TV format used in 4 walls”the founder of Katrin Dzenus many simple nursery has already can turn into real life dreams. Whether babies or teens rooms, whether much or little place, whether new or old furniture: Zimmer4Kinder is a perfect solution tailored to the space depending on the budget, for each child’s room: Let’s go from 10 euros per square meter. 3D representation including on-site, craftsman visits include the Zimmer4Kinder service telephone consultations, Recommendations u.v.m. also a free 3D-Planungsservice, which visualizes the planned measures before and during the planning phase for the customers. With this service, Zimmer4kinder offers especially those who live not in Berlin or just have little time with attractive added value. The redesign can be implemented solely on the basis of telephone conversations, dimensions, image material and common ideas..