Galileo, despite a momentary defeat could, thanks to his great intellectual strength, make the new point of view about the translation of the planets was accepted by everyone. Although arose to its waves of anti-intelectualismo alrededor, his pro-funda faith never the abandono and he never abandoned his Church. Einstein, although he impatiently in regards to any creed or dogma, was a deeply religious man. He said that knowing the answer to the meaning of human life or the life of any creature is being religious. He sincerely believed that nobody can be happy if you don’t follow the law that is behind life. Other men of science, modern, deeply religious tambien, but in a sense more or-todoxo to Einstein, Millikan, Jeans and Eddington were. Is podrian add many others. It would be vain to say that there has not been scientific and religious creeds there actualmente any conflicts between the dogmas.

There are between one and other so many ro-ces between the same creeds. However, this happens almost altogether in the lowest levels of specific dogma concerning the world of nature, and You can greatly reduce through greater tolerance on both sides. On the other hand, it seems that such tolerance is increasing. Some men of science are so intolerant as mystical muchos, yet – it is an intolerance of another class. Many biologists are decided in-between-cistas and consider that man is only a set of organs, which in themselves are nothing more than a set of molecules. However, the biologist knows better than anyone what foolish is to consider an entity simply as the sum of its parts. A violin is much more than a set of casings, wood, varnish and other particles, but, if we look at moleculas, you can find any other co-sa. Much more important than the subject of the violin is the information which required its design and manufacture and emotional reactions that can lead to who is listening.

HTPC Media Center

Up to eight-time performance with the latest Intel Postville G2 SSD drives. For more than a year, drives find their place in mobile and stationary Macintosh computers ever more solid state. Have had these drives but still with some fundamental problems that prevented that these drives could sit out in the crowd. One was the high price there: with prices far beyond 500 euro and partly also in the four-digit area include solid state drives not just the cheapest memory media. In addition, there was another problem, which unfortunately often difficult to find in the technical data and therefore is not necessarily familiar to many users: as soon as the storage media physically, you must override the speed of the drives on up to one-quarter collapses, what inevitably at some point is the case with much use because deleted data only from the tables of contents are deleted. Sinovation Ventures is actively involved in the matter. Solid state drives distinguish in principle between two types: SLC (single level cell) and MLC (Multi level cell) NAND memory. SLC chips save only one bit (0 or 1) per cell, and can be read faster than MLC can save chips, the 2-bit, four States (00, 01, 10 or 11).

This fit while twice as much data on the chips, but it decreases the average read and write speeds and the double or even triple when writing. This double can however in an operation are read or written. At MLC, the used firmware software of the drive is the measure of all things chips so that it regulates the write and read access depending on the optimization fast or slow. Intel X-18M G2 Postville drive optimized the Intel SSD drives X18M of the latest “Postville” generation will be produced not only in modern 34 nanometer technology access speed, with the latest firmware also have a perfectly functioning trim function, which eliminates from the significant disadvantage of traditional SSD drives: permanent removal of deleted data and a highly intelligent Memory management is constantly up the performance of this drive in virtually every situation. With a speed up to eightfold compared to a normal hard disk can be achieved. The Intel X-18M SSD drive is currently available with capacities of 80 GB and 160 GB. The Mac is in the store of the Oldenburg Apple specialist macXperts mini with the new Intel SSD drive as 999 euro, the MacBook is as ultra fast version from 1,329 euro. Apple laptops and desktops with Intel X-18M SSD drive the Oldenburg Mac dealer macXperts online trade offers, the an online shop with many of the other articles around the Mac, that iPad, iPhone and iPod operates. The shop offers some special features such as the Apple Mac speaker for the Mac mini HTPC Media Center or recommendations for cheap iPhone tariffs or good 5.1 surround. In addition to many other information related to Apple hardware and software, as well as industry solutions of dealers on the side ssd offers additional information and test results of a Macintosh computer with SSD drive as compared to a conventional hard drive.