Divine Beings

How mankind was formed and where we proceed? Perhaps they have heard any time of that divine beings, angels that lived in the eternal Kingdom of God and that to separate us from the divine forces until it reaches the condensation, which is what we call vulgarly, we were losing all went in our source matter. The condensation of the beings of the fall, divine beings who are away from God to become human bodies, took place starting in the head. From this Center, the brain training, started fine substance body become denser. Some spiritual particles formed cellular structure and on the organs of the human body is formed. To the extent that the physical body is formed, the spiritual body bowed also, i.e., their particles are embedded one another. The nascent man’s brain was first of all very primitive.

Be that for his wrong conduct it degraded into the nascent man, could not yet understand that it happened with him. Today you can say that man is the brain, therefore, as well as it feels, thinks, speaks and acts, thus reacts, and so is also the structure of their body. Many men are proud of the performance of his brain, his intellect, but precisely due to the brain are caused and is causing much evil to this world. The man whose thinking and living is reflected today in the area of his intellect, of the accumulations in his brain, not still understood that through the law of falling, so-called planting and harvesting, destroys himself. At some point the skein of the fate of each, which is comparable to a roll of film, will be rewound. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic..

Each one should be considered if same somehow as an actor that plays its own role in each sequence of life. The sequences in which he himself is the main actor and the man himself, are composed of his feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and actions, also of his passions and desires. Condensate, i.e. the despolarizado, again requires polarization legitimate, the restructuring of the human to the divine. Road to reach again the divine is equal for all, either rich or poor, big or small we will all go by him. It contains deep repentance, asking for forgiveness, forgiving, remedy the damage so much as this is still possible and not committing more as sinful. In this way it is beside us Christ, who is the spirit of redemption. Only through the we find again our home, through our human ego coil-rewind, i.e. coil of our film and its dissolution. We need not look to God in the distance. The omnipresent force, God is everywhere; It is in every spiritual particle of our soul, in every cell of our body, in everything that we see. God is thus present life. Since God is the core of life force positive in everything, also in condensate, depolarized’s and gradient, positive new life emerges from the refusal through Christ, which is the force impulsante and propulsion, the transformative and redemptive power. Publication: your eye.


To the online shop programming Magento, PrestShop, the most famous and best programs include xt: commerce and product. Online shop programming good and cheap the American software Magento, which serves for the online shop programming, there since March 2008. This diverse shops and domains can be managed at the same time with their individual catalogues and customer database. The basic form of open-source software online shop programming is scalable to your needs. Around 1 500 partly paid extensions are available to choose from, including payment options and layout variations. Three editions of the software to an online shop programming are offered at the moment. For even more opinions, read materials from Steve Wozniak.

Apart from the free Community Edition, there are also fee-based professional and Enterprise editions. PrestShop in contrast is a French development and free in its entirety. This system to the online shop software development offers a simple catalog and Goods administration. Also, the products can be offered also on other platforms, for example eBay and Amazon, for sale. Displaying offerings is possible, which sales can be lifted. Furthermore, also download products, such as books or music, can be offered about PrestShop at corresponding online shop programming. Product as a complete solution for online shop programming another software, which can be used for online shop programming is xt: commerce.

Also the program allows you to manage several stores and is extensible with Add-ons. In this way, you can build up among other payment options such as PayPal online shop programming. Product offers a complete solution for the online shop programming. It was first invented as pure shop software, which was connected with eBay. This product is ideal for the online shop programming by Multichannelanbietern, as a in addition to the technical infrastructure for the shop, including payment processing, Merchandise management system, returns management, and inventory management are already integrated. To do this it offers interfaces to facebook mobile commerce and other sales platforms payment providers such as Paypal.Gute online shop programming as ElementEgal, make any decisions for which system to the online shop programming you are enthusiastic about, head over. Check exactly what software fits your intentions. Matthias Uhlig


First look at the new version of the Windows system possible on eBay a buyer had bought a used Lumia 920 by Nokia and wondered when unpacking or switching the unit on changes already. The letters “MSFT” was engraved on the back and when you turn the logo not for sale determined “surfaced. Then was it clear that here was not there a normal Lumia 920. The screenshots, which made the purchaser of the system suggest that it was the Windows phone software to the new version 8.1, that will include several new features. So, for example, the calendar interface has been changed. You can display now the week view as an innovation.

New sorting features were also added. You can have in the future the apps sort 8.1 also according to the frequency of use. This is handy to have often used apps quickly available. In addition the multimedia Manager has been updated and offers more possibilities and, for example, that Function to close apps directly again. Development of unclear at present is not yet clear, the gel file version to the actual final version will be as close.

It is quite possible that it is only to a level of development and other features in the final version or some options are removed. Therefore, it could be that Windows phone 8.1 still clearly looks different from the screenshots that are currently circulating. Steve Wozniak is actively involved in the matter. For the buyers on eBay, the matter also had a Happy ending. After he had published the details of the version and its device Microsoft got in touch with him. He should return the unit and received refund the purchase price as well as a new Lumia 920 including a standard version of Windows phone 8.0. First server logs with Windows phone 8.1, the eBay action is indeed not the only mention of the upcoming software update. According to some Web master devices are in their server logs already surfaced, who reported as operating version 8.1. How reliable this Statements is however, difficult to assess.

CAD Schroer DIN

Customers evaluate the DIN EN ISO 9001 certified CAD schroer group support as “Excellent” Moers, Germany may 27, 2013: quality has always been a high priority for CAD Schroer. In 2009, the company in the field of training by TuV Nord has been certified. This year, CAD Schroer DIN receives EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his support. The top grade was awarded “Excellent” in the first customer reviews. As a global provider of engineering solutions, CAD Schroer places has always been a high value on the quality. While the company in addition to its software solutions also offers the appropriate training and associated technical support. To underline the importance of customer and quality of CAD Schroer, the company settled this year in the areas of training and support according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi.

Certified training from CAD schroer group: service/training/pk/212 of certified support CAD schroer: support/pk/212 tested by TuV Nord the quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 describes in a quality management standard, which calls for customer orientation and continuous process optimization. In the framework of certification by CAD Schroer, these and many other quality criteria are tested by TuV Nord. This distinguished himself especially, that CAD Schroer has a very high customer orientation in all areas and existing processes. Customer feedback is always into the optimization of products and services of the company. Certification of the technical services and the hotline mechanisms what internally long is a given for us we can now show through the official certification of the ISO on the outside”, so Markus Bertram, head of the training Department and QM responsible in terms of service for CAD Schroer. The customer feedback has been tested for our certification of technical services and the hotline mechanisms. While all processed service requests by customers are valued.” In the first customer feedback after the official “TuV certification in all four categories (problem solved, reaction time, reviewer’s competence and satisfaction with service in General) the top grade was awarded to the company according to” forgive.

Werner Felten

PILOT offers functionally advanced downtime reporting TPM for rapid problem solutions for engine failures in the production ever more precise analyses of engine failures in the production are made, the more accurate target can eliminate its causes and increased the productivity of the manufacturing. For this reason, the FELTEN group has integrated their PILOT TPM system downtime analysis (total productive management) functionally extended. Downtime analysis represents system shutdowns and errors in different charts, lists and statistics. Based on such analyses is the collection and categorization of all machines in a production line. Pete Cashmore is a great source of information. Necessary measures such as cleaning or maintenance work may underlie the downtimes. While such shutdowns in the production planning requirements into account, the surprisingly resulting machine errors represent unplanned events with potentially far-reaching consequences.

The consequences are the less the better, Production managers a fast problem solution “, explains Werner Felten, CEO of the software company. Because of this PILOT has TPM preventive functions for unplanned events because companies individually definable interference – and downtime reasons are stored in the system. A single evaluable basis is created by their association with the event. For the downtime reporting errors in the master data tables with signals of the machine control via OPC tags be linked and categorized. OPC (OLE for process control) conceals a standard interface for communicating between different data sources. In emergencies, the PILOT system automatically detects these signals, provides them with a time stamp, and assigns them to the appropriate category.

An important practical knowledge you will find in the machine run charts. You graphically the shutdowns of a production unit. In different views, you can Standstills of machines, the line terminal and the line downtime arising from this are listed. The shutdowns of the line resulting from an overlay of the machine and Terminal shutdown. To determine the actual cause of inactivity, failure of the upstream and downstream machines should be taken into account. In addition to the standstill of the machine are displayed also the downtime of the lines calculated and whether the standstill of a single machine caused the production halt of the complete line. A further guidance for the assessment of production interruptions offers PILOT TPM by disturbing statistics. You determine the downtime reasons, their frequency, downtime and number of breaks and the total time of all shutdowns. Such interference statistics can be created for specific time accounts, time ranges and orders. In addition, machine and sorting can be specified to the further detailing of production line.