Divine Beings

How mankind was formed and where we proceed? Perhaps they have heard any time of that divine beings, angels that lived in the eternal Kingdom of God and that to separate us from the divine forces until it reaches the condensation, which is what we call vulgarly, we were losing all went in our source matter. The condensation of the beings of the fall, divine beings who are away from God to become human bodies, took place starting in the head. From this Center, the brain training, started fine substance body become denser. Some spiritual particles formed cellular structure and on the organs of the human body is formed. To the extent that the physical body is formed, the spiritual body bowed also, i.e., their particles are embedded one another. The nascent man’s brain was first of all very primitive.

Be that for his wrong conduct it degraded into the nascent man, could not yet understand that it happened with him. Today you can say that man is the brain, therefore, as well as it feels, thinks, speaks and acts, thus reacts, and so is also the structure of their body. Many men are proud of the performance of his brain, his intellect, but precisely due to the brain are caused and is causing much evil to this world. The man whose thinking and living is reflected today in the area of his intellect, of the accumulations in his brain, not still understood that through the law of falling, so-called planting and harvesting, destroys himself. At some point the skein of the fate of each, which is comparable to a roll of film, will be rewound. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic..

Each one should be considered if same somehow as an actor that plays its own role in each sequence of life. The sequences in which he himself is the main actor and the man himself, are composed of his feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and actions, also of his passions and desires. Condensate, i.e. the despolarizado, again requires polarization legitimate, the restructuring of the human to the divine. Road to reach again the divine is equal for all, either rich or poor, big or small we will all go by him. It contains deep repentance, asking for forgiveness, forgiving, remedy the damage so much as this is still possible and not committing more as sinful. In this way it is beside us Christ, who is the spirit of redemption. Only through the we find again our home, through our human ego coil-rewind, i.e. coil of our film and its dissolution. We need not look to God in the distance. The omnipresent force, God is everywhere; It is in every spiritual particle of our soul, in every cell of our body, in everything that we see. God is thus present life. Since God is the core of life force positive in everything, also in condensate, depolarized’s and gradient, positive new life emerges from the refusal through Christ, which is the force impulsante and propulsion, the transformative and redemptive power. Publication: your eye.