Palace Art

This was due, of course, a very early stage of development of production. But on the other hand, there also reflected in the simplicity of Peter's life, the changes that occur in this period in Russian arts and crafts. We know, for example, decrees, which are very limited production of silverware. But even if under Peter I and made orders for silverware, but it was devoid of decoration. Thus, the very emergence of the production of copper-decorated ware of the Urals, and its principles of artistic decoration were directly related to the nature of Russian applied art in the first quarter of XVIII century (Figure 3.15). In these simple, neispeschrennyh chased relief volumes, cast light on an even, calm yellowish-red color was original beauty, they have made the interior a feeling of comfort, peace and prosperity. By the 1740-1760 year reaches the copper utensils surprising diversity. Read more from Dell to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Living at the old traditional Bratina, valleys, produced dishes, trays, feet, chests. But there is a complication and enrichment of decorative motifs. Unlike previous decades, appears patterned ornamentation, which varies considerably, though the external forms remain the same. Of course, understanding of the laws of building ornaments, jewelry making articles were not always creative. There was a great role in the traditions of art, the value of older masters, to pass on their skills, in their turn took these traditions in the distant past, the role of similar products that could serve as models.

However, the master of making copper utensils with chiseled designs not only mastered the tongue, but create their art. This is his largely determine how and in other Ural arts and crafts, the ability to deeply and comprehensively reveal the decorative possibilities of the material. At some factories in the XVIII century, we see attempts to start production of artistic household items – chandeliers, candlesticks and others. The quality of these products was so high that Turchaninov was concluded in 1755 a contract to build the apartments Palace, located in Tsarskoe Selo, the brackets Special lamps cups with two horns for the trouble.