Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri

The madrileno musician is former member of the Board of Directors of the General Society of authors and editors (SGAE). If offences are certain, at last we will know who are the bad guys really. Bautista and other two directors of the SGAE have been released with charges after declaring before the judge Pablo Ruz. The controversial image of the SGAE The entity’s management relies on their executives. The musician Ramoncin, former member of the Board of Directors of the General Society of authors and editors (SGAE), has expressed his intention of personally carried the SGAE to the courts: when I went there in 2007 I stated that if anyone, in the 18 years in which I was working, had gotten the hand in the drawer, I denunciaria the situation before a judge. () If finally proves that all the accusations are true, I will be consistent with my words, he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The musician made these statements before the sunset knew this Sunday in freedom Baptist charges along with other two directors of the SGAE, once declare before Judge Pablo Ruz. About the police operation against the SGAE, Ramoncin has clarified that if the judge concludes that the crimes of diversion of funds and misappropriation that accusing several directors of the entity are true, the end will show who are the bad guys really.

The madrileno musician has been surprised and disappointed by the arrest of nine members of the senior management of the SGAE (including its President, Teddy Bautista), some of them known him: I can’t believe that Neri (in rrencia Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri, director of the Sociedad Digital de Autores), my friend and my idol of youthis involved in this serious matter. On the other hand, discards the rest of the SGAE partners know alleged misappropriation and corporate crimes that detainees are accused. Is it possible that nobody at the SGAE knew what was does going on?, he wondered. And concluded: I am convinced that the accused, if all this is true, acted back to the Board and to all the partners. It would be impossible otherwise. The President of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), Eduardo Teddy Bautista, was arrested Friday along with other 8 members of the dome of the SGAE, and after declaring before the judge Ruz, has been released with charges along with other two directors of the entity. The judge, in turn, has decreed precautionary measures, such as the prohibition of exit from the national territory for the three involved. Source of the news: Ramoncin: “If you show the accusations against the SGAE, myself I take before a judge”

Medical Los Angeles

Publicist David Beckham on Twitter has advanced the news. It is the fourth of Beckham, who already had three sons. Victoria Beckham, former pop singer and wife of the English footballer David Beckham, gave birth Sunday to a girl in the Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Los Angeles, announced the publicist of the athlete, Simon Oliveira, via Twitter. The popular couple’s new daughter was born to the 07.55 Sunday local time (1455 GMT) and weighed 3.2 kg. It is the first child of the Beckham who already were parents of three boys, Brooklyn, for 12 years, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

Victory, for 37 years, and David, 36, announced they were going to have a daughter last March and held the traditional feast of welcome to the new baby in the U.S. in may, an event attended by among other Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie. Pregnancy prevented Victoria Beckham on Friday attend an official reception in honor of the visit of the Duke of Cambridge to the U.S., which took place in the British consular House in Los Angeles, and Yes attended her husband who courageously chatted with Prince William. In January, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz had her first child at the same hospital where Beckham baby, born a usual Medical Center for deliveries of celebrities for privacy and luxurious custom services offered to the stars. Source of the news: Victoria and David Beckham announce the birth of their first daughter

Second Goodbye Walter Bonatti

Walter Bonatti dismissed yesterday in the world for the second time. He did so at his home in Rome, away from your first goodbye. That was in 1965 when, after climbing the north face of the Matterhorn, Hung crampons and ice axes on top of his art. He was 35 years old, it had climbed everything, even those challenges reserved for future generations. He was a genius of mountaineering and plenty more than that. Among other many virtues, embodied the pure mountaineering, alpinism incorruptible. There are those that they admire the Bonatti, that he could with the Pilar southwest of the Dru in 1955 and with Gasherbrum IV, three years later; There are those who admire them because he was the man who made the impossible to save his six colleagues on the South face of Mont Blanc, retiring from the Pilar de el Freney in a horrible for survival fight. But if it is worth to admire something in Walter Bonatti (Italy, 1930-2011) is its extraordinary spirit of adventure and your enormous culture, value that allowed him to move skin when the Mountaineer was consumed. Source of the news:: the second goodbye Walter Bonatti