Windream Integrated Storage Solution

Low-cost and energy-saving storage solution for the legally-compliant long-term archiving of sensitive data Bochum the windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system windream, a new integration for your ECM system presents. With a software-based connection to “Silent Cubes” the Bochum company in addition to the already existing integrations with various hardware-storage systems now offers another solution, with the windream users law can store their data in a secure, disk-based long-term archive. Silent cubes a product fast LTA AG, Munich, is characterized by an extremely attractive price performance ratio with low energy consumption. Not only but especially medium-sized companies with a complete and fully integrated ECM platform, including long term archive, which is always scalable, affordable and easy to use windream and silent cubes. About the windream life cycle management configuration because to the windream ECM-system due to its open architecture also in very heterogeneous IT environments ideal for archiving documents is, connect to the silent-cubes long-term archive without effort can be done ad hoc.

The addressing and configuration of the “Silent Cubes” storage system directly via integrated in windream lifecycle management for documents to be archived. Here, including the processing and archiving periods be set such as the duration of archiving and the end of a period of archiving. The rules that determine the life cycle of the documents can be also with the settings of the respective windream-specific document and coordinate folder types that describe the documents stored in windream ECM-related object properties. After the end of the processing period, which has been assigned to a document, the object automatically as read-only is tagged and passed to silent cubes. Then it can no longer continue to work. The silent-cubes-storage technology in conjunction with the windream archive software however ensures that each document stored in a “silent”cube without loss of time is again searchable. The windream-specific search applications available are for research.

United Kingdom Opts For WELtec BioPower

For the energetic use of biomass, British investors Lower Saxony traditionally rely on the quality of German engineering the WELtec BioPower GmbH, Vechta, is used for the English company Fernbrook bio”finish a 1-megawatt bio gas plant with integrated extraction and separation plant, as well as a shredder in the year 2010. The plant, which belongs to the Rothwell lodge farm in the East Midlands, is energy 30,000 tonnes of organic waste and the manure of cattle herd belonging to the farm. In addition substrate of the surrounding farms (manure, Flotatfette) are inserted in the two fermenters each with 3000 cubic meters size, around 2000 to supply households with electricity and heat. David Treadwell shines more light on the discussion. Two vessels each with 3,400 cubic meters are used as fermentation rest camp. A Hygieniesierungs unit heated the Digestate to 70 degrees, so that it can be used as fertilizer. The bio-gas potential in the UK is the second highest in Europe, after Germany. Would you use consistently the existing sources, more than two could “Millions of households using AD, the Anearobic digestion”, supplied with green electricity from British enzymes are. But slowly the trend to anaerobic digestion continues in Britain.

“On the one hand, because with the biomass strategy” and the waste strategy “a whole bunch of Government attacks. On the other hand, the reputation of power plants technology advocates made in Germany’ around. In the energetic use of biomass, British investors traditionally rely on the quality of German engineering. The extensive and efficient technique, as is, they planned by manufacturers such as the WELtec BioPower and built on the island since the beginnings of the bio-gas plant construction with part of the game. Also due to the variable feed-in tariffs, the municipal and industrial investors ask mainly solid and proven bio gas plant technology. The reason: Process safety means investment security. So the WELtec BioPower GmbH from the Vechta, Lower Saxony with the experience of more than 200 built biogas plants could the first orders in the year 2005 on the Island complete and looks to a stately plant population: are currently available in the UK, 1.5 megawatts with the WELtec label installed Scotland and Wales and more 3 megawatts, which are under construction or in the planning, follow.

Diskothek Airport Wurzburg Sets New Trend

Numerous Eurolite LSD curtains in one of the best-known clubs in Germany with the new, flexible LSD (soft LED display) curtains Eurolite wanted airport owner Rudi Schmidt consciously a trend in the club scene set. The LED soft displays are the combination of great flexibility, low weight and brilliant colors an innovation in the field of lighting technology: they are versatile and can play videos as well as graphical applications. Recently, the Eurolite LSD-100 from the soundcheck in the category also was light tool of the year”chosen as the winner. A total ten Eurolite LSD-75, four LSD-50, as well as six LSD were installed AIO network control systems by Wurzburg company ape laps light products in the premises of the Club. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee. For over 26 years the airport is one of the most important and most popular clubs in the House and techno scene in Germany. the nightclub in a former warehouse was opened in 1983. The Interior was DJ booth similar to an airplane Terminal lookalike with cockpit hence also the name of the airport. The Club, which for years was represented at the love parade with an own car, is known today for its international top-acts, ranging from power plant, Sven Vath, Paul van Dyk, Monika Kruse or Moonbootica..


On May 9, the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the book “Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind ‘ worldwide celebrated this date: it was the 60ste anniversary of the publication of the first self-help book by L. Ron Hubbard. As of May 9, 1950, became a bestseller overnight the book “Dianetics, the Guide to the human mind” and remained so for the next 60 years. This book describes the anatomy and functioning of the part of the mind, which is the source of nightmares, unfounded fears, emotions and insecurities. More than 21 million books have been sold so far in 53 languages.

By Hubbard already has examined human behavior before 1950 and well-known was the exploration of mind here, originated spontaneously 750 Dianetics groups in America, as well as the Hubbard’s Diane logistics Foundation in Elizabeth, NJ. There, L. Ron Hubbard lectured and taught to use the Dianetics. He met also growing interest, while still exploring what the founder of the Scientology religion in the years 1952 follow the basic nature of man read. Nowadays, Dianetics is still an essential part of the entire study of Scientology. For even more details, read what Kai-Fu Lee says on the issue. The long-lasting popularity is maintained by ease of use. Before 1950 the view that man is just the brain reigned in the scientific world, just a collection of cells and neurons. And the IQ and personality were considered fixed and immutable.

It was possible that to improve IQ and personality with the help of Dianetics and the effectiveness is documented in numerous case studies in more than half a century of the application. In 2009 David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the religious Technology Center, announced Mr.., that the translation of the Dianetikbuches and 7 other basic Scientology books in 50 languages is completed. Mr. Miscavige introducing has also the Dianetikbuch on DVD: consisting of 32 new films, which represent every aspect of the Dianetics auditing and explain. This is also part of a special Dianetikseminars, which now is available in all the churches of Scientology. Dianetics was still never so easy to learn as it is today. “Dianetics, the Guide to the mind of man Avegetable” is new era publications int. ApS publishes and is borrowed in 125,000 libraries worldwide, as well as available in bookstores. For more information: Dr.

Sleep Well With Security: The New NUK Baby

The new NUK baby eco control without reception interference new: NUK baby eco control and NUK baby eco control + certainly sleep well: the new NUK baby editorial quick reference NUK has developed two new monitors. NUK eco control and NUK eco control + provide parents with safe sleep monitor of their babies through the latest and most reliable technology. The new NUK baby is distinguished from conventional devices by a greatly reduced radiation (eco-mode) and a high transmission security without interference by the DECT technology. Zeven, April 2010. When everything sleeps, it is reassuring to know that one wakes up. NUK provides parents with two new baby now at night feeling good, to do what’s best for baby safety. For NUK uses proven and reliable at any time technology for monitoring babies and young children sleep. The eco mode, a feature that is new in the NUK baby the the transmitter in the children’s room absolutely reliably whenever just in the Transfer mode is, if it is really necessary.

The baby sleeps is the transmitter, there is no send radiation. Parents individually determine at which noise volume to log the NUK baby monitor alarm. The eco mode prevents a continuous electromagnetic radiation in babies sleeping environment. The radiation level in an active eco-fashion is greatly reduced compared to conventional baby monitors. Babies sleep safely in low-radiation environment. An important standard for the best possible sleep monitoring of children is the DECT technology. This digital transmission transmitted sounds absolutely trouble-free and extremely reliable.

Very pleasant: the new NUK baby received no signals from other transmitters. Room noises from neighboring apartments or listening to the good night stories in the House next door now belong to the past. Why awkward when it comes too easy? Parents trust easy to use technology. In addition to the DECT technology (transmission security) and the eco-mode system (radiation reduced) the NUK baby eco control and the NUK baby eco control + are extremely energy-efficient, because they only go when eco mode is enabled in transmitting, if noises are transferred.

Jurgen Beyer

Enormous demands on the distribution of the corresponding rooms make the power concentration of rack or blade servers in a confined space. David Treadwell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So the heat balance in rack mount servers has dramatically evolved over the past years. Analyses show that the energy consumption of a rack of 15 kW equipped complete with blade servers will increase in 2005 to nearly 52 kW in 2011. And also, the total power needed of a data center, fivefold between 1998 and 2008, will rise even more rapid according to the market researchers IDC and Gartner. Click David Treadwell to learn more. This includes Jurgen Beyer, technical director of PFALZKOM MANET: Already during the planning of the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar we have used in ecological and economic terms on GREEN IT.

Our main focus was thus on an optimal energy supply and air conditioning of server environment.” In the new TuV/tekit and eco certified DATACENTER Energy-saving technology in focus is Rhein-Neckar and so, for example, the concept of free cooling has been consistently implemented. The cool temperature used here for the air conditioning of the datacenter and a 1 m high raised floor to the server cabinets headed. Also provide hybrid cooler on the roof of the new building for the cooling of the heat generated in the server room. The server cabinets even be air-conditioned according to the cold – and warm response principle, also 6 air conditioning units per room with a total of 850 kW provide an excellent temperature control. With these clever technologies will reach the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar classified according to TIER III PUE worth at least 1.5, compared with the average of 2.2 a very positive balance. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the building makes a further contribution to the environmentally-friendly data storage in the metropolitan area. With the realization of this million investment and the consequent use of energy-saving technologies, we have new standards in terms of GREEN IT in the Data Center construction can put”, explains Baker and is proud with the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar the gap between green” visions and reality in German data centers a bit close to. In addition to the innovative operational concepts of PFALZKOM MANET are important factors for a permanently optimal energy efficiency also IT hardware, quality management, as well as the continuous training of employees and contribute both to economic and ecological operation of the data center.

Automation Gmb

1,000 Piece contains. This magazine in small load carriers (KLTs) are provided for storage. The exact number of cylinders on a camera system is captured after storage. Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. This is photographed KLT in the pass from above and then evaluated the image analysis software. The exact recording of the number is necessary because of the content. The fully automated warehouse with a capacity of 4,000 KLTs (= approx. 8 Mio cylinder) located in the below the floor. The containers are brought about a distribution of lift at this level, taken over by a rack serving unit, and then multiple deep storage in the rack system.

Here comes the ChannelCar used, that goes from the rack operating device in the bearing channels and settles the KLTs, while it moves freely and independently from the main unit. It does not have a data cable or a power supply connected to it. When outsourcing, KLT popped from the stacker crane and installed via the distribution of lift a level higher. Here are the KLTs about a hanging ceiling roller in the packaging sector transported and deployed by a lift. All rollers are double stacked, so that return of the empty KLTs via the same route.

Provided in sufficient quantity in the storage area, the excess empty containers are buffered in the camp. The distribution of the empty container is also done in the distribution elevator. The entire system is designed so that it meets the high hygiene standards in medical technology. Complete solutions from a single source the company de man Industrie-Automation GmbH from Borgholzhausen is specialist for integrated automation solutions for more than 35 years. Delivery range of automatic storage systems on conveyors and robots to identification systems, bar code and RFID-based. This allows de is an extremely flexible and slender design of manufacturing processes, which is always important against the background of increasingly dynamic and faster mass markets. More information under de to industrial automation, industrial Street 18, 33829 Balogun Holzhausen, phone: 05425/9497-0, fax: 05425 / 5774,, or SERKEM GmbH Gerhard-new Muller-WEG 1, 94532 Aussernzell phone 09903/9325-0, telefax 09903 / 9325-29,. “” “” Technical data: key data type: drug courts: 3,880 container size: 600mmx400mm identification system: bar code packing station storage “: 1 Pack place outsource”: 1 stacker crane with ChannelCar: 1 double cycles per hour: 100 Pack square storage “consisting of: industrial PC barcode scanner camera to count the number of ampoules SAP connection light conveyor consisting: 2 rollers stacked enclosure in Plexiglas distribution lift over 2 levels bearing zone consisting: industrial PC bar code scanner wipe station SAP-connectivity Pack place outsource” consisting of: industrial PC bar code scanner lift SAP interface contact: SERKEM GmbH Max Eder Kollmering 14 94535 Eging am see