Roller Shutters

Twisting the blade probably from the bottom up (box above) or above down (box below). The design of roller shutters has conquered the world with their practicality, functionality and design. By analogy, were born roller shutters and blinds. Roller blinds – this rag screens, wound on pipe, located above the opening. Blinds – roller blinds are the same, but with side rails, prevents twisting of leaf on each side.

Blinds are able to provide 100% shading, as well as shutters. Huge selection of fabrics density and coloring can beautify any interior and satisfy the most sophisticated desires. At the end of the twentieth century, there is a new type of blinds – Pliss (from the French plisse – folds). Pleated blinds are designed for non-standard openings – semicircular, trapezoidal, as well as for roof windows and conservatories. Management, pleated like horizontal blinds, with a cord, pleated fold into tight folds (accordion) and become virtually invisible to against the window.

Another type of sunscreen products – sun. Awnings – a Bimini top for protection from sun, wind and rain to be placed over windows or a terrace. In the xv century, the Marquis Francisco Borgia ordered to equip the Bimini top your patio to his favorite 12-year-old Adelgeyda Badoglio was able to maintain its lofty paleness in the warm Italian sun. In honor of the Marquis Francisco Borgia, these tents and got their name – sun. Awnings find more and more popular, like aristocrats, aspiring to chic and comfort, and a traders closed their stalls from the scorching sun and rain. Modern marquees changed from normal tissue in the canopy high-tech design. The latest generation of the Marquis is a mix of different sunscreen products: they are metal rolled into a roll of cloth, like shutters and sliding svetoreguliruyuschie slats like shutters. To date, Sun protection products are used everywhere. We are constantly striving to surround themselves with things that give us security, comfort and convenience. Thanks to modern advances in science and technology, management of all types of sunscreen products are completely automated. Sensors wind, rain, light and motion allow all types of sunscreen products on their own to respond to any changes in weather conditions and do not require your intervention. Vetoy article, we give you a brief description of the basic types of sunscreen products. More information can be found on our website.

Family Living

You can perform a combined living room interior divided into two parts by means of color: a zone of home theater and the fireplace is better to issue a soothing warm tones, tuning for relaxation and dining area to make a juicy and bright, it will bring additional the pleasure of eating. If the size of the living room does not allow you to place a large table, use the folding furniture. On weekdays, this table will be virtually invisible, but the holidays you will not have problems, where the same place all guests. But the lounge must not only be comfortable and well-organized. It should also be able to create in it a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, full of cheerful, refreshing, activating the notes. Therefore, we can afford paint individual walls or certain areas in more saturated colors, giving some variety to an extravagant structure of decorative coatings.

Paintings, art objects, flowers do not have practical value, but they are able to create a welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes the individuality of the apartment. In this and must be harmony and simplicity, so the accumulation of a large number of items, even a very valuable and beautiful, will look like a drab and tasteless. A moderate amount of decoration, paintings on the walls and all sorts of designer products are made with stylish living and individual. Pictures should not hang below eye level of a standing person, would be beautiful if you make the backlight for each picture, with this method of painting will look richer and more natural. Finally, a word or two about lighting. Living room, like a room, having regard to open areas should be well lit. In addition to the bright ceiling light, it is appropriate to use local lighting. This may be the selection area to read or just a way to create an intimate nook for intimate conversations.

Therefore, need several types of lighting. In those places where the family spends most of his time to the general lighting with ceiling or wall fixtures, as well as special lighting, which give the table lamps and floor lamps. Very convenient to establish a system to control light equipment by remote control, which in addition to the light will still operate and all appliances in the living room. What will undoubtedly be useful in watch this for all of us needed rest.


It finds a partner strategic. It looks for which has the same objective. You can have commercial opportunities, share marketing information, sell articles, etc. generally.

He creates a gratuitous electronic book on a specific subject in his Web site. People will visit her Web site to read electronic books free, thus being able to see the advertising announcement of her product. She makes his name and business well-known. She can do it easily writing articles and placing them in electronic magazines or Web sites so that they return to be published.

She offers special supplies weekly daily or. This will increase to its repeated traffic and sales they will visit because it regularly to benefit with the supplies. It creates a closing in his Web site. The type of closing could be related to the subject of its site. You will direct traffic with the auctioneers and postpray. It allows that electronic software or books unloads from their Web site without cost some. It only asks in return his visitors who command to their friendly his Web site. Its day or week remembers to take themselves a little free time from to think and to conceive ideas. New ideas normally mark to the difference between success and failure. 8. It originates constant flows of income of multiple ways with his Web site. You could sell his own products, be united to programs of affiliates, sell spaces for publicity, etc. He successfully takes from example other businesses or other people. I do not say it copies that them, but practices some of the same customs have made that them achieve the success. It flatters to its visitors in its advertising text. That can help him to gain its confidence and to thus put them of good mood, becoming also easier to sell to them. One risks to improve his business. Some do not wish to make publicity unless it is free, but some times it will have to spend money to obtain results. It includes touching words in his advertising announcements. It uses some like love, security, lightening, freedom, happiness, satisfaction, diversion, etc. It asks the people online who review her Web site. It can use the commentaries that it obtains to improve its Web site, or could turn the reviewer into client. It subcontracts external services for part of its service load. It will save to a large extent of expenses of use. It could subcontract services for its work of secretaryship, accounting, marketing, etc. It puts a together product and a service in a package. It could increase its sales. If it is selling a book, offers one hour of consultation with this one. If you want to know more detail how creating your own business in Internet, a serious and professional way, and in addition where they teach through tutorial videos all the forms to you to make marketing to your business and of making money through Internet; you click here: Attention(or attn).

Space Geography

As in it passes Timmons (1990 apud, Dornelas) ' ' empreendedorismo is a quiet revolution, that will be for century XXI more than what the Industrial revolution was for century XX' ' this is noticed that ' ' revoluo' ' that we see in the current days already was foreseen. This necessity of the search for the distinguishing nothing more is that to revise the form to lead the business, for a company who has as objective to conquer its space and if to fortify as reference is necessary to evolve of course being open for the new. Diverse theories appeared in elapsing of the last years disclose in them formulate basic simple and efficient that has as north the construction of a solid structure that obtains to use to advantage the chances and that it obtains to in time detect threats to surpass them. Had to the ample theoretical field and in order to funnel this research to produce more solid and coherent a referencial, we will evidence during the study the main tools used in the strategical management for small micron companies. 3. The Micron and Small Companies in the Present time the universe where the micron and small companies are inserted today it is an ample and very vast field with a great number of chances. In accordance with given published for the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Space Geography) in 2001 the micron and small companies represented 97.6% of the companies in activity in Brazil, but that unhappyly another statistical data also of responsibility of the IBGE in them indicate a number nonsense of mortality of these enterprises that still finish closing the doors in the first year of performance, so that the organization obtains to prevent to become plus a number in this statistical data and to transpose this barrier conquering its space it must possess an enterprising spirit having as north a strategical management with a perception organizacional macro. .

Italian Expressions

All the countries have expressions sufficiently amused, but that to the eyes of that they are of it are can thus not be so amused, therefore many of the times are not understood. Italy is not exception, you can here find some expressions related with food. It is not to be admired, therefore he is parents with a great alimentary culture. Here they are some expressions: ' ' E' buono eats one pezzo di pane' ' Literal translation: Here this a good bread bit What it really means: It is a good person ' ' Rendere pan to per focaccia' ' Literal translation: To give a in exchange for focaccia bread What it really means: Eye for eye. To pay for that we made. ' ' vere sale in zucca' ' Literal translation: Much salt in pumpkins. What it really means: To be intelligent ' ' liscio andato tutto eats l' olio' ' Literal translation: it is soft as the oil What it really means: &#039 ran everything without problems; ' L' ho comprato to per un tozzo di pane' ' Literal translation: I bought this for one bread piece What it really means: It was an excellent business, more cheap of what &#039 was the wait; ' I always know in mezzo eats il prezzemolo' ' Literal translation: You this always in the way it way as the parsley What it really means: You this touching in subjects that are not of its interest ' ' Tenero eats il burro' ' Literal translation: it is soft as butter What it really means: The meat is sufficient tenra dolce eats lo zucchero' ' Literal translation: Candy as sugar What it really means: A person who explains everything with sufficient detail ' ' Pieno sleep eats un uovo' ' Literal translation: I am full as an egg What it really means: I am full, I do not obtain to eat more nothing (very usual when somebody this trying to place more food in its plate. ' ' Avere il prosciutto sugli occhi' ' Literal translation: To have fiambre in the eyes What it really means: To be incapable to see the truth Knows more on tourist points of Rome in Italy..


The wait of an ideal scene all demonstrates lack of vision of and an immense wastefulness of time. She is necessary to act always, to use the available tools the time all, so that our necessities and problems are not accumulated and with this the more distant solutions are each time, while the excessively competitor ones follow in front, although the difficulties. They with certainty will not be waiting the perfect conditions to act. It is always time and moment to act. To delay decisions waiting that tomorrow they can be more easy of being taken or that they will occasion better effect is a serious error, that only makes to accumulate wallet of ' ' action to implantar' '. Amongst the tools of a manager who commands its sail-boat-company, if those cannot leave of side that are basic for the moments of little wind: It reviews the strategies looking at for the scene, competitors and its positionings. This can be the alias process to re-position its mark and its products, to fidelizar old customers or to gain new adepts for its mark. A plan business-oriented can be important, as well as a new planning of marketing.

With the alteration of the strategies, if they must modify the corresponding processes, so that the theoretical definitions arrive at practical, the always intent ones for the possibilities to reduce activities, its costs and expenditures. If it gains in resources and results. Oxigene the company, through a new culture of comprometimento and participation, with people whom they know to interact and to consider innovative solutions that take the new products and differentiated services. It repairs as the mesmice took account of many segments of the retail, surmountings and in the sales points.What such to think about a organizacional reorganization? Strategies, processes and people form a so important tripod for its company, how much helm, candles and bilge keels for its boat. and it does not advance to imagine that they can be manejados not to be of form absolutely integrated.

Both the sets always must be monitored and be adjusted to each moment. If we will be to wait the perfect conditions of wind to botar the foot in the water, is better nor to take off the boat of the hangar. There we go to be in the edge admiring those that had fulfilled the regatta and in lamenting of our results.


Electrical equipment must be checked regularly entrepreneurs are obliged by law to undergo regular testing electrical installations and electrical equipment. Maintaining proper state of such plants is of enormous importance, because this is not guaranteed, so the entrepreneur who runs the appropriate facility, can be held accountable. It does not matter whether the operators of the abnormal state knew he has in advance to ensure that it is consistently maintained. In the context of the BGV A3 test verifies this conservation consistently. This check is both for portable electrical equipment, so that can be moved, as well as can be for fixed electrical equipment, which will remain for the duration of their use mostly in one place and easily moved.

There are also stationary plants, which are fixed after commissioning with their location, such as the Installations in buildings, on site or in containers. The legally prescribed inspection periods for the mentioned facilities vary. While stationary equipment and electrical equipment by law every four years must be checked and a check for low voltage installations is mandatory once a year. Mobile equipment must be checked every six months, on construction sites every three months. If the tests reaches an error rate of under two percent, this test period may be extended accordingly. The + service + check GmbH a competent ensures BGV A3 security in your company and reliable partner for BGV A3 exams is the + service + check GmbH. Over 70 inspectors are constantly in use for the company and carry out nationwide and professional tests.

Are for the + service + check GmbH regular training by the TuV and Gossen Metra Watt a matter of course, the the preservation and expansion of Expertise guaranteed. The + service + check GmbH is a modern and reliable operation of the trade, not only for BGV A3 exams, but also for VDA tests. Latest technology and the smooth realization of the projects of our customers are the basis of his success for the company. In good hands with the experienced electricians from + service + check + service + check team consists of qualified employees who work quickly, easily, and reliably. You are GmbH never with complex technical terms confuse the professionals of + service + check or long provide you lists with obscure terms which do not understand you, but in the end with pay. You can be sure, that your BGV A3 test with high transparency is processed, and that staff take time, which is necessary to make you feel safe and well advised. It will be every minute in invoice. The value for money of the + service + check is used by customers as excellent GmbH described. Legally, you are with the commissioning of the + service + check GmbH on the safe side. Legally compliant audit trails are a must for the + service + check GmbH and are regularly adapted to the new provisions. Reliable electricians who know their stuff, will come to you and perform the check for you. These are according to BGV A3 test able, to put your system at the same time enjoy a full service so, without having to worry. With the + service + check GmbH, you are on the safe side with full service for a small price! A qualified and experienced staff to the page, which quickly takes care of your individual requests stands at any time with questions or problems.