Family Living

You can perform a combined living room interior divided into two parts by means of color: a zone of home theater and the fireplace is better to issue a soothing warm tones, tuning for relaxation and dining area to make a juicy and bright, it will bring additional the pleasure of eating. If the size of the living room does not allow you to place a large table, use the folding furniture. On weekdays, this table will be virtually invisible, but the holidays you will not have problems, where the same place all guests. But the lounge must not only be comfortable and well-organized. It should also be able to create in it a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, full of cheerful, refreshing, activating the notes. Therefore, we can afford paint individual walls or certain areas in more saturated colors, giving some variety to an extravagant structure of decorative coatings.

Paintings, art objects, flowers do not have practical value, but they are able to create a welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes the individuality of the apartment. In this and must be harmony and simplicity, so the accumulation of a large number of items, even a very valuable and beautiful, will look like a drab and tasteless. A moderate amount of decoration, paintings on the walls and all sorts of designer products are made with stylish living and individual. Pictures should not hang below eye level of a standing person, would be beautiful if you make the backlight for each picture, with this method of painting will look richer and more natural. Finally, a word or two about lighting. Living room, like a room, having regard to open areas should be well lit. In addition to the bright ceiling light, it is appropriate to use local lighting. This may be the selection area to read or just a way to create an intimate nook for intimate conversations.

Therefore, need several types of lighting. In those places where the family spends most of his time to the general lighting with ceiling or wall fixtures, as well as special lighting, which give the table lamps and floor lamps. Very convenient to establish a system to control light equipment by remote control, which in addition to the light will still operate and all appliances in the living room. What will undoubtedly be useful in watch this for all of us needed rest.