It is known that wood is breathable, so moisture in the room flooring can swell. If, conversely, the house is too dry air, the dance floor can cause cracks due to drying of the material. Therefore, before performing direct work on laying the flooring should pay special attention to protect the flooring from the action of moisture. The best way is waterproofing flooring throughout the screed. Also note that between floors and walls should be left span of a few centimeters, which is filled with a special sealant. Due to this significant change in humidity and temperature the material can expand, but the appearance of coverage remains unchanged. To prevent moisture from entering into the material, flooring should be covered several times with lacquer.

Watch for such flooring will be much easier to keep clean enough topcoat. Changes in state parquet flooring and may be due to the change of season. For example, in the summer, when humidity exceeds 60%, the coating material expands, squeezing paint and putty, and the edges are lifted a few staves. C On the other hand, in winter when the humidity is small, and the air is dry enough for a permanent space heating, the wood dries out and cracks may appear in the coating. Thus, we must consider all these details carefully and comply with humidity and temperature conditions during installation of parquet.

Also note that the flooring, especially artistic, you need to plank as soon as possible after unpacking. Parquet must not be stored in uncompressed form over a month. To care for the flooring requires special cleaning and polishing. If the hardwood surface incorrectly or not systematically looked after, it may turn black. In this case, to restore its appearance, will need to re-tsiklevat surface, apply it to the decorative layer and varnish. Very often use special parquet hardwood oil. They perform as a protective, and a decorative function. This oil in its action is different from the paint, because it forms a film on the coating surface, but penetrates into the wood, fills the pores and protects the flooring from moisture and dust. Most often, this method processing flooring used in restaurants, gyms, shops and other premises where the load to the floor is high enough.

Main Advantage Room

Raised floor – quite a new trend in the market, but, nonetheless, already has a very honorable place among the modern consumer. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Why and what is it? Here's the answer to this question is very simple. Raised floor. The word consists of 2 words: false – That is artificial, not real, and the floor. Such a floor construction has a great advantage in those areas where you have to place a lot of equipment or to communication.

And so, the raised floor consists of panels located on poles, their height is adjustable. Simply put, it's half off the floor, but which has many advantages. Some of these advantages: First, the individual approach to the issue and the breadth of application. The customer can choose the height that is level rise of sex (from 2.5 cm to 60cm), depending on the coating, in a room will be made installation: carpet or rubber coverings, linoleum, PVC, ceramic tiles, etc., and used a combination of panels and the supporting elements, depending on what the workload (in your office, and any chemical laboratory loads are completely different) will be made, of fire safety, moisture resistance, and so on. Secondly, the raised floor for easy and convenient access to the communications building for their installation, repair, maintenance, and also hides them.

In your office, computer center or other object will never be visible wires and pipes, affecting the appearance of the room. Durability of the floor, confirmed by testing expert organizations (more than 50 years !!!), will save you your money, time, and will not cause inconvenience to the dismantling of gender. Third, the speed and ease of installation of such floor (or can be mounted quickly dismantled when remodeling the room.), Then practically is not dirt, as, for example, after training and the use of concrete. Furthermore, the screed concrete must be defended more than 27 days before the full will draw moisture and you can put linoleum and other coatings, with high precision alignment you guaranteed. Also raised floor provides a high-sound-and heat insulation, and even allows them to improve at the expense of heat and sound insulation under the floor deck matov.Falshpol relevant today for data centers and computer rooms, control centers and automatic monitoring of telephone exchanges, which are saturated, and cable telecommunications engineering. Raised floors to facilitate the smooth circulation of the air, have good thermal insulation. In St. Petersburg, the production of raised floors for 10 years of company PromEnergoStroy. Raised floor of this brand is always different quality and democratic prices.


Plank roof sheathing on, made of unedged boards laid horizontally, or close some gaps, depending on the material used to make the roof. The roof of the roll materials (roofing felt, roofing, etc.) it is desirable to arrange with solid wooden flooring of the edging boards. The flooring is fastened to the rafters with nails, which should cap utaplivat in the body boards. Roll material is spread on the floor, carefully align and fasten the edges nails. Then nail strips that hold the packed material. Top rail cover strip roll material (caps), prikolachivaya their special Tolev nails. Along the lower edges of the roof on the roof folded 10cm under the crate and attach the same with nails. Under a steel roof can be arranged as a continuous and sparse crate.

Roofing sheets are connected to each other standing seam joints and fastened to the sheathing with nails. (Source: Ali Partovi). Wavy Asbestos sheets are placed so that they overlapped on the same wavelength, and each overlying sheet overlaps the underlying na12-14cm. Fasten them with special screws (nails), length 70-90mm, under which pre-drilled in the crests of the waves diameter holes at 2-3mm larger than the diameter screws (nails). Paul Paul porch plank plank single, boards are laid on the joists, embedded between the first and second lower crowns binding. Joists and floor boards should be covered with paint and antiseptized for outdoor use. Continuation of the floor veranda can be upper doorstep. The windows on the porch window sill is usually installed at a height of 45-60cm of sex, that is lower than the sills in the room.

The space between the window sill and the bottom strapping sewn shut with wooden clapboard or verandas schitami.Obshivku performed only on the outside, as in wall insulation is not necessary. Between the window sill and cantrail install windows. The space between the door and adjacent racks can be sewn tightly and set it narrow window frames.

Buying Land

One of the most important criteria for land area is its remoteness from the city. Living in a private home in our time can not completely burn all the bridges and forget about the city. There is our job friends and relatives, theaters, restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, schools, museums, banks, dry cleaners – all the things that have not and probably never will be out of town. In other words, the reason to go to town, you will abound, and should assess in advance their ability to maximally acceptable to you away from it. Restricting the range to search for a suitable site, pay attention to how to transport routes will have to go every day. Not always you will get into the city by car, so ask about the regularity of movement of transport route and the distance from the nearest stop to the plot. Equally distant from the city plots in different directions may differ significantly from the time it takes to overcome that distance.

It affects a whole list of factors – the direction, quality and grade of the road, the number and size of settlements along the way, geographical features of the city and so on. And most importantly, pay attention to the features and download the main highways to avoid the many kilometers of queue for entry into city. To elucidate the other factors that could affect the value you liked the site, ask yourself if there is enough information about the area I possess? After all, it is a lot of pitfalls. We recommend all of these points to find out before you buy, that would build a house did not bring you bad surprises. Agree that the house is not arbours and cost much more, and you should not skimp on the preparation of land before construction. Check the area just in case the dosimeter. Ask about the analysis of drinking water, at what level of depth it is located. Avoid areas with the nearby powerful radio broadcasting, high-voltage power lines.

Make sure that your site is not buried debris in the form of remnants of the old foundation, pipes, old stumps. Remember that in this house you live and your children grow. Also, try to talk with your future neighbors on the development of land area as a whole and the total (including crime), the situation in its territory. How is the water area? Many popular suburban areas have drawback – a large depth of the aquifer. In some cases it is necessary to drill the depth of 60-80 meters to get to the water. Taking into account the cost of the equipment cost of drilling can reach fabulous sums. Often, the relative cheapness of land due to the presence of massive granite boulders in the thickness of the soil, preventing access to water. Water supply to the house can be from a collective (or city, village water supply, cooperative artesian wells) or the individual source (well, well.) Often the customer site without having access to water supply networks, thinks: "The site is not located in the desert, skvazhinku drilled. " But in practice things are not so simple. What are the local requirements and capabilities of the sewer? If there is a municipal sewage system, the question immediately removed. We just get permit to discharge wastewater in accordance with the needs of your future home and the possibilities of the networks themselves. But if there is no settlement of communications, we must reflect on local systems. And even more urgent this question if the site is located close to the water.

Given Raw

Constant grinding. Grinding of raw materials for ceramic tiles. After passing each stage of close inspection and preparation of raw materials are removed all the irrelevant impurities. Then the clay material and emaciated fall into flooded massozagotovitelnoe department. The proportions of fall is performed using an automated system dispensers. Grinding of raw materials is of proportions designated in ball mills of periodic action, and published by this branch of cake mix is called "slip." On the one hand such a procedure leads to the loss in productivity of the plant. While on the other hand, in comparison with continuous mills, grinding of raw materials in this way in a ball mill type is much luchshe.Metod constant grinding during grinding DC, when an imperfection masses, nothing you can do with it and will be forced to let it into production.

Other than that, it becomes clearly evident that the formulation and accuracy and uniformity of the mass of raw material, which is put into the mill has changed, in consequence of that ceramic tile is much to lose quality. But even adjusting some parameters to configure the device, you will not get proper setup instantly. First, make a few errors relies grinding, due to the fact that without a clear result is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the changes made. As a result, you have a very unstable system. This means that it has the amplitude produced by the mass of all the properties of a large order, and hence a strong influence on stability of the finished products.

It should be noted that in exchange for this risk, you reduce to a minimum expenditure on electricity. Here, the main criterion is the lack of starts and stops the system: they are ten times much require electricity than regular work hours system. Due to the continuous grinding mills also have a large and periodic grinding proizvoditelnost.Metod This method differs grind a few times larger stability on the characteristics of the product. After discovering that some of the particles of raw materials do not have the proper caliber, you just do not merge the mill and run it for some time. So it turns out that single party mass, which will merge you certainly responds to the demands and fluctuations in its properties are not available. This approach has an impact on product only and finished ceramic tiles are of high quality. But, as written earlier, in contrast to the mills, which operate on a constant loop system, the job of starting and stopping the system less efficient and energy-efficient. The choice of the plant "Sokol" Given all the pluses and minuses in the production of "Falcon" set the mill running on a system of periodic cycles. This clearly reflects the company's mission: production of decent quality, but not the production of low urovnya.K note: We at grinding of raw components used car brand SAGMI. This company is a leader in the manufacture of machines of this type. While certainly all operations that are carried out. This implies that the plant "Sokol" tend to naitochneyshego proportioning components, and then – a perfect mix them. It affects everything that ceramic tile plant "Sokol" always has the highest level of quality and stability.

Interior Design

Why? Very simply, any house periodically shrinks and slabs "walk." Moreover, with redevelopment of flats, where interior walls break down, a difference of heights can reach 50 See In such cases, much more reliable and easier to make a false ceiling. This is a decorative design that covers the "native" flat ceiling (ceiling tiles). This method is called experts and "dry." The main advantage – almost complete absence of mud during the repair work. No need to mess with stucco and plaster, cover furniture and floors from flying in all directions, splashing. In short, this offsets the ceiling – quite appropriate. Therefore it is necessary to understand how and what you can do false ceiling.

And most importantly – how to do it properly and what are the options. The first variant. Simple head lining process is as follows. Initially, the surface ceiling clean of old paint and the base (filler, primer). Then attach the plate to the ceiling crates – metal slats.

If the concrete ceilings (which in most cases is true), the builders usually "Shoot," a crate of special construction gun plugs. If the ceilings of the softer material, the sheathing can be fastened on the screws. Of course, it is important not only to strengthen the crate at ceiling, and make it so that it was flat and at the same time firmly. Because it is the crate – a framework for decorative material (cloth), which will be sheathed ceiling. And if the frame is made uneven, and then Decorative plating does not align the ceiling. Decorative coating (painting) made from different materials. One of the most common – drywall. But we can take gipsovolokno, and laminate and particleboard and plywood, and linings, and even metal. In addition, the false ceiling can be very different shape (stepping stones, the waves – it all depends on the imagination of the designer).

Kitchen Repairs

Most of us seem like repairing something terrible, which will inevitably bring chaos into our lives and doom for a long stay in the mountains of debris. However, it is not so! Anyone who has never engaged in repair, with a strong desire and some effort be able to cope with this problem! As the saying goes, the eyes are afraid, the hands do! Do not waste time on further reflection, the kitchen was immediately made all the furniture and utensils, and ruthlessly stripped from the walls of old wallpaper. Under the old wallpaper was discovered a layer of cracked and crumbling paint in places and it was decided to completely clean and re-zashpatlevat walls and installation of suspended ceilings. The most action was time-consuming cleaning of the walls of the old paint. Not once wanted to quit, but it was too late to retreat. But the wall was already putty much fun. It turns out that it is not difficult, and even in some degree of fun. It is true that the walls were smooth as an egg, after thoroughly go through it with sandpaper or drywall sheathing needed.

After that, we can assume that all the most basic is done, and repairs transferred to a clean stage. That is more than you will not be taken away in an apartment pieces of old paint, and fly in the air lime dust. Wallpaper in the kitchen – a very impractical thing, they quickly become soiled, and the steam kettle or pots on the stove peel. Therefore it was decided to paint the walls, since now there is a huge selection of acrylic paints. Use these paints a pleasure – easy to apply, have no odor and dries literally before your eyes.

Painting process took only a couple of evenings, and brought a lot of fun. Well, who among us does not like to paint? And then this space! However, as it turned out, when you use the kitchen one color strength not enough surface for greater stability to external influences from the top to cover a special acrylic lacquer. After the painting was finished wallpaper, already had nothing at all – to return to the place furniture, put everything in its place and to find a suitable new kitchen textiles. And less than a couple of weeks, as you can enjoy the work done, and drink tea on an updated kitchen. Yes, it is not renovated! But this pleasure to know that everything is done by hand. A kitchen gives a very joyful and sunny at first did not even want to leave. So if you've been thinking about repair, but are afraid to start – go for it! And All you need to succeed!

The Slopes

As a protective layer on the roadsides, slopes, on the berm width of 1 – 2 m from the base of the slope, as well as at the base of the road surface over a sandy mound of soil is placed a layer of cohesive (clay loam or light treated with liquid bitumen, sand) of thickness 10 – 25 cm seal coating (usually gravel) material due to the interlayer cohesive soil is not mixed with the underlying sand and along roadsides and slopes of the sand is not blown. At creating nezanosimogo road profile in shifting sands on the roadside within 40 – 50 m from the axis of each side line the reserves and Cavalieri, remove the remnants of the materials, since any irregularities can be places the initial accumulation of sand. For planning and sliding sand mound from the side of reserves used bulldozers to the side cheeks, and dragline excavators, bulldozers, in conjunction with, and use scrapers. In prevent blowing sand from the mound excavation at the intersection of mobile forms of relief are small plots that for a change, in addition to the construction of embankments, and also to carry out laying on the sand in the protective layer Based on the slopes and embankments, as well as on the finished sections of the road to install mechanical protection of the shields. To protect the road from the sand drifts of the most radical measure is the planting of roadside vegetation that does not require much moisture, as well as treatment of slopes and roadsides and other bituminous binders (resin). The composition of road-building group for the construction of the subgrade for granular sands, in addition to bulldozers to clear and lay the base and sliding in the sand mound with a planned roadsides include heavy towed grader for leveling of sand in the embankment and roadside, Watering-washing machines, rollers with pneumatic tires for embankment compaction layers to 30 cm, scrapers or tractor-trailer trucks to shuttle connected to the protective layer of soil, and graders (moving to the protective layer) to lay the ground.

For construction in the desert can be used rain water collected in artificial ponds. Silty sand compacted by watering with water. For this ground in the embankment just after watering flip plow chetyrehlemeshnym wet down and compacted by rollers with pneumatic tires. The top layer dry quickly saturated with water that rises through the capillaries under the influence and packing. After compaction mound immediately covered with soil and compacted connected with the watering water. – renting of construction excavator, earthwork


Therefore, we encourage you to help and advice of a professional advisor of the company Remmers. Neobhodmi technological break Remmers Optiplan 0 / 20 Advantages: Ideal for leveling floors before applying the tiles and other surfaces Easy to mix and spread, perhaps the distribution of the pump due to rapid processing high fluidity and self-leveling maximum thickness without visible sag to 20 mm without drying up of internal stresses and cracking high adhesion and tensile strength and compressive your Advantages: Ideal for leveling the base before applying the coating of various floor coverings based on synthetic resins color Easy to mix and spread, perhaps the distribution of the pump Quick processing due to high turnover and samovyravnivanivaniyu maximum layer thickness of 2 to 10 mm, 30 mm deeper to stress-free drying and cracking high adhesive strength and durability Peel and compressing Withstands forklift load (on the soft tires) Further processing: After 4-6 hours of laying tiles or can be quick-weight plates, the ability to pass through 3-4 hours Further treatment: After 16 hours, possibly causing vapor permeable systems Remmers (WDD Systeme) quick-weight, the ability to pass through 3-4 hours of possible adjustments to the technical progress of 1) Also Remmers Uniplan Grund Remmers Multiplan 2 / 30 Your Advantages: Resistant to water, suitable for outdoor use due to rapid processing of high turnover in the distribution of automatic compensation of the material maximum thickness of 2 to 15 mm, 30 mm deeper Drying without internal stress and cracking, good adhesion Color sealing products Remmers Epoxy BS 2000/3000 Withstands forklift load (on the soft tires) Remmers Multiplan 5 / 15 Advantages: High strength due to to the presence of tverdozernistogo filler. Resistant to water and frost is applied inside and out fast processing automatic compensation for the surface distribution of material with a maximum thickness of 5 to 15 mm, deeper than 30 mm without drying up of internal stresses and cracking high adhesion and tensile strength and compressive Color sealing products Remmers Epoxy BS 2000/3000 withstand the load fork truck (on the soft tires) Remmers Uniplan 0 / 50 Advantages: Ideal for the mobile bases, such as mastic asphalt or wood floor. Fast processing due to its high fluidity and self-leveling without drying formation of cracks and with excellent adhesion layer thickness without the formation of sags to the thickness of the concrete screed Color sealing products Remmers Epoxy BS 2000/3000 Further treatment: After 4-6 hours of possible tiling or slabs of quick-weight, the ability to pass through 3-4 hours Further treatment: After 16 hours, possibly causing vapor permeable systems Remmers (WDD Systeme) quick-weight, the ability to pass through 3-4 hours Further treatment: After 4-6 hours of laying tiles or can be quick-weight plates, the ability to pass through 3-4 hours of possible adjustments to the technical progress of 1) Also Remmers Uniplan Grund.


And you can paint in any color, if it is, of course, allows the material. But our task – even the ceiling. So, for this purpose is the best fit sheets of drywall. Recall that the drywall – a layer of plaster, "sandwiched" between two layers of cardboard. The material "breathes", so the room will never be stuffy and damp. Sheet thickness Drywall – from 10 to 14 mm. Such sheets are sold in DIY stores and markets. To align the ceiling sheets are commonly used size 1.2 x 2.5 m.

The surface of the drywall is smooth, it does not need putty before painting. Painted drywall is easy with any kind of paint (whitewash it, incidentally, is also possible). The only drawback of this material – "rabies." It is necessary to fill in your neighbor from above, as drywall nabuhnet is deformed and can fall off even if very much gets wet. Alas, after drying drywall will not restore the original shape, so the ceiling will have to repair again. In a word, choosing the material from which the ceiling will be made, Keep in mind that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: Loss of height is only 3 – 5 cm The easiest and cheapest to frame false ceiling and requires no special harnesses. Cons: Construction sheathing can not hide irregularities in the ceiling height drops more than 10 cm at high And do inclines crate harder and more expensive than to buy a hanging device. Rigid mounting panels, plates, sheets do not allow them easy to change. Option Two. Stretch ceiling fans for making this modern version – what you need. The room where the suspended ceiling is made, immediately becomes a trendy look. But we want to to warn that although installation of stretch ceiling is not very much time to handle it only by specialists.