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Constant grinding. Grinding of raw materials for ceramic tiles. After passing each stage of close inspection and preparation of raw materials are removed all the irrelevant impurities. Then the clay material and emaciated fall into flooded massozagotovitelnoe department. The proportions of fall is performed using an automated system dispensers. Grinding of raw materials is of proportions designated in ball mills of periodic action, and published by this branch of cake mix is called "slip." On the one hand such a procedure leads to the loss in productivity of the plant. While on the other hand, in comparison with continuous mills, grinding of raw materials in this way in a ball mill type is much luchshe.Metod constant grinding during grinding DC, when an imperfection masses, nothing you can do with it and will be forced to let it into production.

Other than that, it becomes clearly evident that the formulation and accuracy and uniformity of the mass of raw material, which is put into the mill has changed, in consequence of that ceramic tile is much to lose quality. But even adjusting some parameters to configure the device, you will not get proper setup instantly. First, make a few errors relies grinding, due to the fact that without a clear result is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the changes made. As a result, you have a very unstable system. This means that it has the amplitude produced by the mass of all the properties of a large order, and hence a strong influence on stability of the finished products.

It should be noted that in exchange for this risk, you reduce to a minimum expenditure on electricity. Here, the main criterion is the lack of starts and stops the system: they are ten times much require electricity than regular work hours system. Due to the continuous grinding mills also have a large and periodic grinding proizvoditelnost.Metod This method differs grind a few times larger stability on the characteristics of the product. After discovering that some of the particles of raw materials do not have the proper caliber, you just do not merge the mill and run it for some time. So it turns out that single party mass, which will merge you certainly responds to the demands and fluctuations in its properties are not available. This approach has an impact on product only and finished ceramic tiles are of high quality. But, as written earlier, in contrast to the mills, which operate on a constant loop system, the job of starting and stopping the system less efficient and energy-efficient. The choice of the plant "Sokol" Given all the pluses and minuses in the production of "Falcon" set the mill running on a system of periodic cycles. This clearly reflects the company's mission: production of decent quality, but not the production of low urovnya.K note: We at grinding of raw components used car brand SAGMI. This company is a leader in the manufacture of machines of this type. While certainly all operations that are carried out. This implies that the plant "Sokol" tend to naitochneyshego proportioning components, and then – a perfect mix them. It affects everything that ceramic tile plant "Sokol" always has the highest level of quality and stability.