Distinction Design

In the adventure of the design Web all we looked for to create excellent sites, that they distinguish and they project a defined and professional personality, like obtaining it, is the great question that all we become. Although an absolute prescription does not exist that creates distinction to us in any type of site, if we can put in practice a series of considerations that approached to us to create the conceptual conditions of the design to define a defined and professional personality. I leave them with 12 of the characteristics that my experience has marked to me as which they to a great extent define the personality of a Web. Header interesting One second opportunity does not exist to cause one first great impression and, header is first that our visitors will see. Header has the mission to give the graphic sense to our interface, to brighten to us in making a good design of him, will cause that we manage to captivate from a beginning our visitors, in addition, is of the components of the design that more influence in the identity of a Web site, so it enters more attractive is, greater distinction we will manage to project. Creative design of background Like header many sites base their visual impact on the creative design of their bottoms of page, some with sophisticated images and of one only piece, other elegant and precise ones and, others more with creative games of patterns that they look for to project a visual harmony in the interface. The personality of a Web can be perfectly commanded by the good use treated bottoms, because they are a resource that by its dimensions, makes possible the visual transmission of a conceptual identity of the site. An attractive composition Although the first criterion for the design of our composition (it forms in which they are organized our body of contents) must be, to look for the greater possible functionality in the presentation of our contents, also we must try that it tells on creative diagramado that generates focal points defined and showy.