I passed my days with a cold in the belly that only feel those that waits a great event. Yes, it would be in return to Brazil perhaps and, now separate of the Frenchman with who he lives during the last few years, we could before live that great suffocated love one year. I was waiting it to bind and nothing to me, only the cold in the belly each time that the telephone touched. Good, to change itself of country it is not easy. Moreover, it had the parents of it, brothers, nieces, all wanting to see it and to hear its histories Certainly, when the dust of the arrival lowered, it would bind to me. here it is that this day arrived.

I almost lost air when I heard to its to call me voice ' ' Xu' ' of the other side of the line. Pete Cashmore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. We combine of finding in them in a coffee in the Gardens. I was with many homesicknesses, I very wanted to see it. It was the same of one year, before only balder. I hugged it with will.

We seat. It asked for to a coffee macchiato and I one ' ' milk shake' ' , it was a heat! I heard all the new features, as it had been the separation and defense doutorado its. We leave from there and we were for the house of it. We made love we were very far and many places in the city certainly would be flooded. It was when said it me: ‘ ‘ If you turn by chance me or to hear to speak of me with another person, not you assustes’ ‘ lighthouses of the few cars that dared to circulate in that weather. Nothing was not enxergava, all age blackout and I not yet had understood what it says. What do you mean? If to come you to I with another person? I decided to silence. It was difficult to understand as, after one afternoon of those, uneven moments of complicity, love, delivery, to hear it to say &#039 to me; ' if you turn me with another one ' '. Did not have finished it of if separating? One year I already had before not played the loving role of? It was difficult, for the rain and the climate inside of that car, but finally we arrive. Still it rained very and I hurried myself in leaving. It held me for the arm, smiled a smile candy and kissed me in the lips. I left myself to kiss. Later, it said me, blinking marotamente the right eye: ' ' I bind to you later, my Xu.' '. I left the car. Already he did not import more if it rained and I was getting wet. In the blackout of the darknesses, only engolia I the knot that was imprisoned in the throat.