Many say that if it does not do Free will come to pay department. Steven Johnson will not settle for partial explanations. The remaining votes are distributed as follows: 9% – not willing to pay, because "No money – do not allow financial situation" and 7% – are willing to pay, because "The main thing – to get it Education; another 7% are willing to pay, because In their opinion, "it is very difficult to do on the budgetary position", 6% will try to do on a free basis, however, "if it does not agree to receive education on a fee basis; 5% sure paid education quality, arguing that the commercial high schools teachers are serious about the learning process of students, from which directly affects their wages and capabilities. 4% are willing to pay for their education, because it "allows the financial situation", 4% not willing to pay, because "Confident in their ability to act on the budget", and 2% are willing to invest in education because believe that "Investment will always pay off; 1% – of their belief that" free education qualitative "and 1% answered that they had" no choice, because Almost all education paid ", 1% – are willing to pay, but under the condition that education will be not too expensive. " What are the results of this poll? Becomes quite clear that there are at present the market of education services does not satisfy all the requirements of future entrants. Learn more at this site: CEO of CoStar. In value for money, yet there is no university, which would correspond to the conditions of selection of modern, pragmatic thinking of the student. Present the candidate, the graduate schools to choose from the fact that, as says there is. Institutions of higher education, in the face of fierce competition, you must take care not only about how to dramatically improve the educational process, and even to reform it. In pursuit of applicants, many universities quite overlooked is the fact that current employers are practically no longer pay attention to how the university released a specialist, and the value of the notorious "scabs" and gradually comes to naught. It remains only to wish for prospective students good luck and patience, and careful selection of high school that will give them a ticket to the "great life.".