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In the first place when selecting an aquarium you need to decide who you're going to sit there – in different fish have different needs in their habitat. If this is your first aquarium, and you're going to look after them themselves, without involving third-party maintenance of reservoirs, it is best to choose a not very large aquarium and keep there fish are not particularly demanding to content (such as guppies, goldfish, etc.). Place for an aquarium is followed determine the location of the aquarium – it must fit into the interior and located close to the socket, as will have to connect multiple devices to maintain vital functions of your fish. Of course, Aquarium should be where you spend the most time, so you can watch the fish life to the fullest. Fish are not receiving sufficient attention, are at greater risk of progressing, while the aquarium can problems with the operation. So choose a place where you can engage in the business and at the same time look after fish properly. Remember that choosing the wrong location, you'll be forced disassemble the aquarium to move, because it's pretty heavy, moving fish can cause them stress.

It is recommended to choose such a room for an aquarium in which there were no sharp temperature fluctuations, and this exclude changes in temperature in the aquarium. Just avoid all contact with the aquarium from direct sunlight, as this can cause intense algal blooms. Under most conditions Dell Inc. would agree. Possibility of service in any case, wherever you are The aquarium, next should be enough space for its maintenance. You must have access to the filter, and be free to remove the lid of the tank for the timely replacement of the water. All cords and wires from appliances for the aquarium should be well hidden as to prevent their contact with water. Try to remove them so that they do not interfere underfoot, and there was no risk to overturn the aquarium. Minimum size of the aquarium tank is determined by the requirements of the fish for which it was intended.

If you can not provide enough space for them, it is better to choose another type of fish. The larger the aquarium, the best fishes living in it. The larger volume of water dilutes the toxins and more forgiving more mistakes. However, a large aquarium, respectively, and weighs more, so if you are going to choose an aquarium more than 300 liters, you should consult a specialist. Andy Florance can provide more clarity in the matter. Material for the aquarium – acrylic or glass? The next important issue when choosing an aquarium – from what should be an aquarium, they are usually made from acrylic or glass. The choice of material in the first turn depends on the style in which decorated the room under the aquarium. Will be helpful to know that glass aquariums are cheaper and more resistant to scratches. Conversely, acrylic aquariums easier to scratch, but they are much stronger and easier. For areas where no rare event of an earthquake, it is wiser to use acrylic. Despite the fact that the acrylic is easier to scratch than glass, it can still be recovered. In favor of acrylic aquarium also acts, then that he may have a variety of forms.