Nucleus Moersdorf Consulting Help

nucleus AG offers courage to step into self-employment Bonn the establishment workshops young doctors with prognosis for development on the health care market in collaboration with the apo-Bank Bonn offers comprehensive advice on the way in the branch of nucleus AG practice founders in collaboration with the apo-Bank Bonn, comprehensive advice on the way in which their own branch of apo-Bank Bonn makes practice founders, Steffen long, Partner of the nucleus financial and insurance brokers AG in the rooms of the Deutsche Apotheker – und arztebank at the Walter-Flex-Strasse in Bonn traditionally performs are already an exclusive secret tip among interns and doctors. In the focus of yesterday’s event, the theme was standing next to a solid financing and avoid pitfalls in the medical contract great practice marketing. An important issue for budding practice doctors just in terms of the new fee schedule and the total changed framework conditions in the health care market. Participants were given Impetus by the marketing expert Andrea Moersdorf. She presented ideas, tips and suggestions to answer the specific questions for Niedergelassene: how to position my practice on the market? Which target group is right for me? What services are useful and at the same time adds value? How patients of my practice and my performance? How to reach the sustainability of my success? In connection to this important topic lawyer Ruben was specialist in the area of health law long, an overview of contract law features which are to be observed on the occasion of the establishment of a branch. Important themes here are rent, cooperation and acquisition agreements. Finally illuminated Helmut Hamelmann, clerks of the Bonn branch of the Apotheker-and arztebank, current developments on the capital markets and their impact on practice financing. Hamel man heartened the budding entrepreneurs, by his letter described the healthcare market as one of the growth markets. More information is housed here: Nicolas Keller.