Very few people know to , so that she is why I wanted to make this review about the company, now that I go to Mexico. Is who ? is a public company which is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol MTEX and was founded in 1994, its corporate offices are located in Coppell, TX. in the Dallas metropolitan area. occupies a privileged place in the nutritional segment of the glycobiology and real food technology is a global leader in the distribution of gliconutricionales products; now distributes its line of + 25 products in 17 countries and plans to open 10 markets more in the next 5 years, including 5 countries in Central and South America. Among its products are nutritional lines for family, children, athletes, as well as products for weight control and a line of skin care.

Some of its products are patented in various countries, being the main Ambrotose. The company was founded by Sam Caster to discover together with his friend Dr. Bill McAnally active ingredient of Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera), to 2010 the emrpesa boasts more than 500,000 partners active buying product month after month and ventgas accumulated by $3.5 billion of dollars. The compensation Plan is a plan unilevel pays up to 44% of total sales and that has its basis in bonds developed, a bridge of incentives quick and aggressive so that its partners earn money fast and collect royalties!