A Sounding-understand The Concept Of Tweet Sponsored

Well, the day arrived Twitter has just launched its advertising platform. The idea is to insert sponsored results, yes, yes, any similarity with Adwords is mere coincidence. The method of calculating your cost will be by CPM (cost per thousand-impressions), as Adwords. But there is a substantial difference. Sponsored Tweets be qualified with an index called “resonance”, ie ability to impact its distribution network. Do not try to understand how to calculate the resonance.

In the same way that many SEO specialists do not need to know the details of the Pagerank algorithm for effective SEO, do not want to know the details of the formulation of resonance. Suffice to say that is based on an algorithm used for drawing graphics. Imagine taking a blank sheet. Draw a small circle in the middle, and put your name. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. Now, as the rays of the sun, draw a line for each of your contacts. So, you will have become a node. Do the same with its contacts. The graph becomes more complex, making it necessary to understand, and is based on the dynamics of electrically charged particles.

Regarding Twitter, and his tweets, then, to put it crudely, the impact of these “tweets” sponsored result in improvements in the CPM we pay. Thus, the replies and retweets are particularly important. And their hashtags could finish in the trending topics. So far, the merely descriptive. Already said Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, Chirp “.” Ok, is understandable. Now, let us place the advertiser. This is too new to make comparisons with Adwords campaigns. However, it is a valid question: I spend a fraction of these “tweets sponsored, or I stay with my Adwords campaigns so successful that he has given me? The basic question is what is the ROI comparative pattern over and over. Again, too new to know. Until now, many are simply content with improved networking and online reputation that participation in the Social networks can achieve. However, many companies have been able to establish strong sales channels via Twitter, from small restaurants that promote the dish of the day, or Pizza Hut announces new flavors, even Dell, which has reaped major profits from this social network ( over $ 6,000,000 in 2009, when Twitter was still practically in diapers, remember? So, now that the tweets have become sponsors, “it will be worth investing in them? Would you do click on a sponsored tweet? The micro-blogging format, “supports this structure patterns PPC? Too many questions for now, will have to see how they behave advertisers and wait for their first” success stories “to see if it is a viable option.