Advertising Spiral

This mode to the passage of the product is called by the market. It recognizes three stages: 1) of: a product (raw material more image) is in the first phase, when the public not even warns that you need it. It is here where we must tell you that it comes to fill an unmet need until then. It is the presentation, possible consumer expectations must be filled. (2): in this second stage the notice complies with the purpose of highlighting that this product and not another, they best met the requirements for which it was created. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. This designation should be appealing to all strategic resources with which has advertising, whether the assertion of some consumers, warranty, recognition, etc.

3) retentive or reminder: is the last stage, when the consumer recognizes the product on the market and buy effectively and only remains remain with the proposal in the mind of the consumer. The passage from one stage to another is verified, therefore according to the attitude of the consumer, in accordance with qualitative variations as well showing a person who impulsively buy the first time, then verifies that the product complies with the expectations given by the advertisement and finally becomes an effective rational buyer. We must face the advertising as a medium and short term action, therefore a Re – launch, is imposed in many cases updating the product, reaching positions and to meet the requirements of the advertiser. Here imposes a competitive stage with new products that have appeared. To know more about this subject visit Energy Capital Partners. In the first instance we raised some questions about the product (who consumes the product?, what are the uses to which that product is given?, what is the attitude of distributors?, what is our proposed consumer?, etc.).With regard to the data needed for an effective investigation, we get them through the data bank, other previous advertising campaigns and above all by the briefing; that is the definition of the product, it is the information base (I want to sell, at that time and that amount). There are currently qualified companies providing advertising and marketing functions as computer consultants. Elaborates the questionnaire which will then lead us to the survey using a scientific method based on two basic principles: the law of samples and similarity of masses; In addition to other principles namely: impartiality, relevance, comprabilidad. The questionnaire can be done by phone, by mail or personally (the latter provides greater accuracy.Here you will find how to create commercials; In addition to other sections in central page: computing, health, sports, painting, languages and more, all goods of proven quality.