Artificial Stone In Interior Design

Stone is perceived by man as an eternal category of values. Psychologically, this is understandable – any piece of rock has an age of millions and even billions of years. Human life is only a moment compared to this, but by surrounding himself stone, decorating their homes inside and out, mankind reflects itself in the eternal. However, the first concern of people is not only the beauty and the Q when you make a room design, but also security. And in this parameter natural stones – the same granite, marble or sandstone, much lower than an artificial imitation. In this case it is not even on the lower cost of ornamental stone in comparison with the natural. Of course, mining Natural stone is more expensive, and transportation costs add value to it. The fact that the stone emits radioactivity because it is a natural material, which is produced in a variety of places of the planet.

And let this very small mikroziverty every second, which is measured by such radiation, but they always have. Thinking about the design of premises for different purposes: houses, shopping centers, apartments, catering or office, an architect in the first place solves interior and construction problems. But all things being equal of any person knows that the artificial stone did not radiate, and hence, hygienically safe for humans. In Europe, for example, are very strictly monitoring the level of terrestrial radiation: the objects, which are screened for security concerns and interior decoration. Radiation limits allowed in Europe is 0.5 mikroziverta per hour. In our country, radiation is also measured, and if it comes to interior design in public places, developing exclusive designs premises, the security issues always taken into account.

Artificial stones have improved environmental performance and ease, so the modern finishes and decor without them is unthinkable. Any designer can find here all the while working with decorative stone: refraction effect and the game colors, intricate texture and color depth. About any black and white palette, this is not – if it is needed, the obedient man-made imitations of stone not to find. A unique properties such as manufacturing articles made of artificial stone of any shape and, more interestingly, of any color have long appreciated by people. From decorative materials get anything you want – a cone or a ball, how wild rocks or colored bricks folds or waves, openwork carving or weaving.