How many more, more wealth in principle, but provided that they are properly presented and not subtract operability to the local. Each case will have an ideal number, consider that an average restaurant usually have an average of twenty, very poor number from certain local prestige, and the pointers that go out of thousand references. (b) grouping of references. We already mentioned the boredom of the ordination in white, rose and red wines of all the cards, and there are many more possibilities of Association, as the wines by variety, wine prices, including wines from other countries, wines glasses, etc. Several proposals are made in the section on design ideas. (c) distribution of the areas of origin. In my opinion, most of the letters are guilty of another symptom of boredom, the excessive supply of certain prestigious producing areas.

We normally think that prestige of area is equivalent to prestige’s letter, which is true but insufficient. Need something more originality, there are extraordinary wines from areas less named, very good price, and if the customer does not request them us is because we have not been able it will explain. It is not give the customer what you don’t want to, if not leave a door open to wines that you can amaze and teach. Moreover already been mentioned that the location of the premises, if found in a wine-producing area, is essential in determining the supply of wines to be included. (d) prices. The margins is criticized by the producer of the wine sector, and partly by the public, per bottle are applied when it comes to be sold in an establishment. My criticism isn’t so much to these margins but lack of originality that he holds back. A table will leave less margin of profit to the local asking for a bottle and not taking the second (by fear to leave half of the wine without taking), taking all wine wishing the guests in the form of wine by the glass.