Automotive Vision Hall Of Bologna New Mazda3 5-Door Hatchback 2010

The car brand Mazda presented in the international car of Bologna show the all-new Mazda3 5-door 2010, a hatchback sports court that is distinguished by its youth and powerful appearance; as well as its management more dynamic and fun. Mazda explained that the Mazda3 five-door share the same characteristics of the model with four doors, including the sporty driving, a dynamic design and a high level of security. The Japanese car manufacturer noted that priority during the development of this car was respect for the environment, so it uses a few strings kinematics of very high efficiency and has an improved aerodynamics. In addition, this model has experienced a reduction in weight in comparison with its predecessor. Mazda said that all engines of this car include new environmental technologies as a catalyst with simple nanotechnology.

The firm pointed out that this new development has allowed to reduce the consumption of Platinum and Palladium. New Mazda3 5 door: A compact sports car that offers a pleasure of driving extraordinarioDesde the launch of its first generation, the Mazda3 introduced a level of pleasure driving and a feeling of quality absolutely unknown in its segment. Five years later, more than 1.8 million units have been sold and the Mazda3 has won a total of 90 automobile awards worldwide. The new Mazda3 is designed on the virtues of the first generation and reflects the growing concern over the environment, rapid expansion of motorization and the greatest diversity of criteria with which the public valued cars. This model has been developed through a joint effort by Japan, us r & d teams.UU. and Europe, as a result of the technological development of Mazda long term plan. That plan, called sustainable Zoom-Zoom, seeks a harmony between the driving pleasure, safety and respect for the environment.