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In his 328 years of history. In the 12 years of the Declaration of UNESCO. Historical humanity’s Cultural heritage. Cultural historical tourism guide. TITO Alberto Pinto. .

Our intention and task is to transmit information concerning the historical evolution in the city, their areas of influence and the consequences generated by their development in the Rio de la Plata. To comment, analyzing and sharing with visitors, both Uruguayan and Argentine and Brazilian mainly (not to mention all the Americans and Europeans), the acts of our shared history and add to the revaluation of our beloved Department and their invaluable Cultural heritage of humanity, a passion that we transmit without detours or shame. Our preaching is constant. The values that has all the Department of COLONIA, are exceptional, emphasizing on way to the ancient Colonia del Sacramento. Unique historical heritage, within the Uruguay city.

A wonder that fills us with pride. The same one that arouses admiration in the all of the visitors that run through it. OF the lack of a service of CITY TOUR specific in history by the tourist companies is also known. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. By our activity of Cultural historical tour guide, dedicated full time to visit, with tourists from around the world, allows us to check personally and by comments from visitors that are LOS UNICOS that do not carry out walks of shopping. We provide a cultural service that develops in its different areas, the enormous both regional and global implications of Colonia del Sacramento, their heroes, characters, adding contributions on architecture and customs of era, as well as the necessary information on bibliography and documentation in archives, libraries or bookstores. A historical heritage city must visit with sufficient time. It is impossible to perform any of our rides If NO account with time amplitude. All our visits have resulted in a broad and very productive exchange of knowledge.