Brothers Grimm

The bizarre configuration of modern town houses, with numerous terraces, wings and Add-ons, requires a creative approach to the construction and arrangement of roofing. That’s where fantasy violence of private developers! The roofs of these houses – almost always very difficult to form architectural structures. They abound slopes with different angles, valley (internal angles between the slopes), visors, collars, complex polygonal arches and conjugations. Sometimes these buildings become a local landmark – Such, for example, being built on suburban highway home with split, like the cake, the roof, abstracted glass. We can not say that this building is an effective solution to our climate, but here it just mediocre not call! Even more unusual house, like a gingerbread castle stands on the Leningrad highway, near Zelenograd. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robotics expert by clicking through. Its tile roofs and large multi-colored stained glass windows in it seem to be illustrations of the tale of the Brothers Grimm. The special charm of a modern country houses give a roof covered with natural materials: tiles, slates, reeds, shingles and even turf. However, universal material is considered to be metal, mimics a natural finish.

“Successfully selected metal roofing, – says Paul Seliverstov, Manager, , – harmonize with the color of the house and surrounding landscape, so that its aesthetic perception – most favorable. Moreover, modern technologies allow to give metal a number of individual qualities: for example, the effect of antiquity, as in one of our recent developments – Metal series “Cascade”. It is interesting that to achieve a “historic” the effect was by applying cutting-edge polymer coating – Pural Matt. According to Paul Seliverstov, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, such deposition can more safely install and use the roof. For more beauty and originality of the roof give the security elements (antenna and vents to ensure integrity) as well as components for the maintenance of roofs (Ladders, walkways, etc.). On the one hand, they allow to operate the roof as comfortably and safely, and on the other – are able to give the roof a unique appearance. * “From the roof, of course, the stars are seen better than from the windows, and therefore one can only wonder that so few people living on roofs – from the childhood many of us remember these words of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who coined the famous Carlson. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the usual habitat people until the roof is not steel. But from the banal protection from the weather today roof turned into a testing ground for the development of technical and architectural ideas, and even in art objects. And the evolution continues! Elena Grishina.