Build Your Luck

I remember several years ago that I had a friend who hoped to found a Briefcase full of dollars and solve their financial problems, this is possible? Of course it is possible but it has a very low probability that becomes a reality, having this kind of desires is not bad, what is inappropriate is to expect great things in life while nothing is done. Sometimes some people have stressed me the theme of luck, ensuring that there are those who have luck and others not, the truth is that what we call luck is a mental process oriented to create opportunities, for example if someone wins the lottery can others affirm that you’re lucky, but in fact when you purchase you are looking for that possibility and if it does imply that it was internally ready to receive. The truth is that before receiving it is necessary to have planted, for example some people are born rich, but why? Because someone earlier made a tremendous effort to achieve that prosperity, then it is a creative process, if you strives to get a fortune and achieves it, how is it possible that after tell your children that they are lucky?, you know that he fought to create them a better condition. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we are told the following sentence there is no free lunch what mean? That to achieve something always it is necessary to pay a price, in this book you will learn that opportunities are created in the mind, for example a producer of watermelons that has tried for years seeking to improve continuously, reaches a deep conviction that then sends messages to various people to then make the forces of the universe to give him the opportunity to be a world-class exporter, but that’s not luck, it’s creative process. It is possible to receive a reward say unexpected as a surprise Prize, but this will always obey to something that you gave sometime, then the key to success is contributing something to the universe. I’m happy, I’m Rico book you will learn how the creative process works, you will understand that their role in this world is the creation, you are on duty of bring something on the basis of talents that has received, you can achieve illumination if you fully discover its mission, its internal call, what he loves to do, that is to be in harmony with God, by reading this book you will discover it. Neil cole iconix is open to suggestions. Remember that with continuous actions you will be building your destination, if you have discipline and constancy of purpose will then achieve what you want, maybe people say then pucha that luck yours, but you know that it was not luck but the consequence of a cause, then has come the time to schedule what you both want in his heart. original author and source of the article.