Calculator With Viewing The Text – A Top Aide To Any ESCWA

Soon, exams, and prepare them for the remaining time is problematic. But do not worry – there is such a thing to resemble a normal calculator (which can be used on all kinds of examinations), but it's not just a calculator. This is a calculator with a secret which can display text. Just press a secret key combination, and the calculator immediately turns to the original crib. Its built-in memory allows you to upload from your computer any textual information, such as formula, answering tickets, identification, any other tips – anything. Memory is enough for 2 million characters, or about 300 thousand words, 150 thousand long formulas or more Manuals on the subject. Take advantage of all the data from this devaysa very simply, as has been said – just press the key combination and he will start from the calculator to text mode and all the information in your disposal. In addition, access to all your crib locked with a password which you can install yourself. Also this virgin can work as an ordinary calculator. All this beauty will cost you a 5990r. Good luck on exams:)