Ching Knowledge

I now understand the importance of science; but is that when wanting to transcend the practical knowledge needed for the development of life, is also necessary break with schemes used by science, dissolve prejudices, break categories, delete tags and abrogate molds. Science constitutes the greatest obstacle to access to knowledge, to transcendent knowledge which is hidden behind the veil of science. Filed under: Ali Partovi. 08 – A bridge between East and West through meditation, try to build a bridge that would save the non-existent distance between the Mystic East and West every day. I meditate on the relationship between the thirty-two paths and the sixty-four you exagramas, are all ways of life, light sources, bearers of wisdom.

The mind is the source of most important power we possess, deep meditation about the tree of life, as well as the zen meditation and deep study of the meaning of the I Ching, have led me to higher States of consciousness that have opened me a portal to a world where matter is energy and the energy matteracquiring a specificity that science is unable to realize. What I have called the esoteric dimension of humanity. 09-Knowledge encrypted in our be I understood that all the knowledge of mankind this enrolled in our own being. All secrets are here inside our, encrypted, sealed, restricted to scientific research. Hidden knowledge to practical mind that we use daily. Is trafficking in a particular knowledge that is not displayed if we try to penetrate from the known paths of access to knowledge.