Cultural Organization

The report recommends that teachers change the concept that they are formed of students who can not learn, without considering the fact that can not learn by effect of deficient and ineffective educational practices by their personal or social conditions. It also considers that even if the term is true inclusion and integration have some similarity, we must concern ourselves with eradicating social exclusion ORB, whose effects are also noted in the educational field. It requires to be United in diversity. See Robotics expert for more details and insights. It is necessary to also finish with those social prejudices with respect to those students with different abilities and therefore with special educational needs. On the other hand, is required to implement a systematic plan that conceived from an integral perspective inclusive education, and who has the necessary human and financial resources in each country.

We must not exhaust the right to inclusive education only in the mandatory stages but also in the educations of higher and university degree. Those who possess capabilities different they also have right to develop as persons and one of the factors of such progress is education, average needed to be able to contribute to society. Last year the Organization of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); He raised an open agenda on inclusive education that comprised the subjects concerning the challenge that prevails in today’s educational world: management policy development and inclusive practices, development professional for inclusive education, evaluating teaching as part of a quality education, the Organization of the supports in the inclusive systems, the involvement of the family and the community in inclusive educationthe development of an inclusive curriculum, financial management to support inclusive systems, management of transitions in the educational process, and initiate and maintain change in schools. Worst attitude that we can have against persons with disabilities is discrimination, by This is not more remember that phrase of Nikita Mihailkov: every human being, in his soul, has a very short sound, your note. It’s the sound of your essence, your being. And if the acts of his life do not match with that note, that person cannot be happy. Why not put the specific means to make this world a space that tune with these musical notes inside of those people who also have right to be happy? * Educator original author and source of the article.