Sliding blinds – the most familiar and traditional look of curtains. In the classic version are two leaf tissue and can be performed in virtually any style, is perhaps the most democratic form of curtains, leaving maximum scope for creativity. Often sliding curtains drawn lambrequins. Shadow drapes sliding curtains can be chosen or picked up by free, they can also carry the exclusive decorative function. Recently entered the fashion design option multilayer sliding curtains, where one pair of curtains is only a functional load moves freely along the eaves and serves to protect the windows from excessive sunlight.

A second pair of curtains laid in the crease and used solely for decoration. Fabric for sliding curtains can be quite different, the choice is limited only by the style in which they were conceived. As cornices and how to mount sliding curtains are different, it all depends on the specific model. Very convenient to mount on the duct tape. In this case, a transparent inner tulle and dense shadow drapes sliding curtains are attached to hooks and cornice move freely on it and pelmet hung on the masking tape pasted onto the ledge.

This method has several advantages over traditional hanging on hooks: hanging lambrequin takes minimum time, fixed He even, but the gap in the cornice and lambrequins absent. Sliding blinds lambrequins perfect ceiling cornice. This option allows the hanging of sliding curtains to create the illusion that Blinds start right from the ceiling – it's visually increase the height of the room. In addition, you can use even the most inexpensive cornice – it still will not be visible. Sliding curtains can also be fastened onto the ledge 'tube', but must take into account the number of layers that have to move along the eaves. As a rule, 'pipe' is used, if you have sliding curtains without a curtain or lambrequins, but no inner tulle. If you want to achieve maximum comfort, you can choose a cornice with electrically operated sliding curtains. To control the curtains set button on the wall, when clicked, will shut the curtains or, conversely, move apart. Coffee cornice with a remote control even more convenient. It allows you to not getting up from his chair zashtorit window. Electric rods come in different species. They allow you to push the curtains as from the center to the edges, and vice versa, or from the edge to the opposite and can be divided by speed. If you plan to install electrical cornices, the order of their best in the same cabin as the curtains, or at least knowing exactly which curtains will hang onto this ledge. The whole point is that the rods with electrical control may be designed for different weight fabrics, so if you hang heavy curtains to elektrokarniz not designed to great weight, it either will not work, either quickly fail. Acquire cornice designed for maximum weight fabric and hang it light curtains, too, it makes little sense, since the difference in price depends is the permissible axle load and can be quite significant. Elekrokarnizy as any profile rails can be bent as desired, so if you want to draw curtains bay window with remote control or arched window, the unusual shape does not become an obstacle. Choosing elektrokarniz, give preference to those who have the manual shift curtains – it is useful to you, when suddenly the voltage on the network will be temporarily disabled.