Detailed Illustrations

An article about the virtual disks (disk image), their purpose, creation, use cases, the appropriate software. Detailed illustrated instructions will easily understand the basics work with virtual disks to any 'kettle'. Almost every pc user to temporarily store a large number of optical drives that take up much space, free space near computer. The search in this heap right drive takes a long time, and in their intense shifting from place to place they are deteriorating rapidly, which leads to loss of information. Problem is usually resolved by purchase the hard drive of sufficient capacity in which you can store all the necessary information to the user. In this case, optical disks can be removed from sight in a secluded place and keep them only as reserve for disaster recovery. But still more complicated if the optical media, for example, need someone to borrow a favorite game or program to run without it steadfastly refuses.

The fact is that often for work Some applications simply copying the files from the optical disc to hard is not enough. The creators of these programs deliberately arrange so that they run a computer requires a disk in the drive corresponding to a cd or dvd. This is done to facilitate the implementation of more licensed discs, display advertising, which is present in their avtorane and others to consider in detail how it works, I think it makes no sense. For understanding set out below will be sufficient to only consider the fact that besides the "official" data, which we see on the drive after it opened on it in special areas also recorded more and more ("Service") information that is not normally displayed, but is taking into the computer at various manipulations with the disk.