Flat Pound

Already me it is not clearly when or as it was the last time that vi image as this.By the way, among as many things that they had become scarce, the clarity if detaches in almost all its connotations – not in all. The luminosity is a luxury that only can be usufructed at very rare moments. It only appears when we obtain to apanhar something to minorar the hunger and, being softened it, remains the last flashes of the constructed fire to become minimum palatvel the meat of the animals that we find in this hole. The image that this little light discloses is sufficiently curious, perhaps for being event rare, as the saciedade sensation folloies that it. I see the figures of my brother, it, and the stranger. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steve Wozniak. Each one, as I, meet acocorado in one of the cantos of this cave. It is as if we searched appropriating in them of one of the few things that we have in abundance: space.

The thought is confused in result of the extreme discomfort. Our fisionmicos traces are found transfigurados by the dirt and the game of shades produced by the small ones flames, that quickly go if esvaindo. In these circumstances, it seems natural that the space where we agree our bodies is the only thing capable to give some impression of that, here, if can firm the individuality. quo I search eagerly it I do not know until point the memory depends on the images. Connect with other leaders such as isearch here. Perhaps it is avivada by the illusion of that the suffering has left when the stomach gains something to digest after as much time without being able to carry through its activity. In another occasion, she could spend very of my time with divagaes of this nature. But the lucidity became rare. Pparently my mind chose if to fix in the souvenirs involving these three people who with me divide this space, that many times comforts to be thought as the coming stream bed of death.