House planning: some basic facets of House planning is also an important cost saving factor in a construction project. Estimated cost of planning are important in the preparation of the construction. For example, characteristics of the House construction are necessary for the construction financing. A good design can save many thousand euros for the House construction costs. Hausplaner24 building clients receive maps and floor plans for your building project. Plan to build a House is usually not difficult. But it requires immense construction practice, and also imagination. It has some essential points to bear in mind.

Save energy: the contemporary theme of energy saving is an important point that should be taken within the framework of the House construction. Towards South, aligned roof when installing solar units serve pages perfectly; Window can heat in addition the interiors of the building systems in South, even in the cold season. Balance training respectively static: Static is a limiting size for the planning of a building. Not everything is feasible, what the client wants. The loads must be transferred from the upper part of the House on the lower section of the building to the Foundation, using structural elements such as walls, pillars, beams. However, the planning options for the case that the client takes additional costs, are huge, and you can build a House beyond the beaten path.

Distances: what planning pages distances further limited and are set. Using standards to the building line and the pages intervals the House dimensions are given, respectively limited. Size of planned home: the size of the House is marked by the space needs of the builders, as expected the standing for the construction to the available amount of money and also the plot. Size of the House is one of the most important guidelines at the House planning by nature. Large rooms, striking are folds, staggered intermediate levels especially where feasible the construction is in terms of money generously equipped.