Happy Day Of Love

Overtaking me date (happy Valentine’s day) woke up undecided between what I wanted and what I would for you, on the one hand give you until life itself on the other, in doubt, without carry it forward somehow this beautiful day in which lovers tend to have a moment of peace, sanity of couples a few hours that we invade with passion in which a man removed the weight that we exercised each of the obligation that we face the world many times up to pain so we changed tones, voice mellow interpretations of a perverse and sweet lust of a passion desire wanted to buy a bouquet of Red Roses poppies, orchids, same a Carnation and because seeing among doubts flagrant to fix me, I found my hand a role thought about it awhile, took pen in fear after a few minutes of doubts, started what can I say to the exquisite and unique Moon? That do not have told her thousand and one time if out in every night, if all the time looks to my eyes with so much love what I can point you to the? same Sun? That gives us strength and continuous power that with its light, new today I showered what can’t explain you to heaven itself? Avid of prayers and tired of wailing if today I flooded with thee of miracles, and I know it did when conscious I got eyes, looked at my sides and it happened I appreciated the tangle, the divine swarm of beautiful and sweet forms of good love that you made and placed my hand covering longings, hence my passion because they weren’t doubts. Zendesk shines more light on the discussion. You were my miracle!.