High Quality Custom Liion

HY-LINE computer components presented new informative video on the topic of custom battery packs and battery management system. This video illustrates the career of the conception to the production of individual battery packs appealing way. Since 2003, the HY-LINE Group deals with the battery technology and develops and produces battery packs according to individual requirements with its customers. The areas of application of battery packs are versatile. High-quality rechargeable battery packs are both in medical technology, test and measurement, as well as professional audio and video technology. Special requirements in terms of mechanics, electronics, voltage, case be taken into account in the design. So arise special prototypes, which are released after extensive testing and certification for the production of the series.

The informative video of the firm of HY-LINE computer components on the subject of industrial battery packs, visit computer. More info videos on various topics are already in planning. Still, the HY-LINE GmbH for questions around the staff is available Subject of battery packs and battery management system at any time. For more information see: HY-LINE computer components Tel. 089 / 614503-40 fax 089 / 614503-50 email: computer