Historical Appearance

The main objective the desire to preserve the historic look of cities, the architectural uniqueness of the centers: a network of streets and blocks, the structure of their building, the spatial solution of each building, the elements of buildings (facades, interiors, roofing, etc.). But to solve such problems is not easy. Of course, in small towns can be used for cultural purposes of the museum the entire center. For example, came in Suzdal, where in most old buildings – residential homes, churches, monasteries, mall located tourism facilities – museums, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. However, Suzdal – so far the only such example. But conservation methods are unacceptable for most medium and especially large cities, where the territory is a valuable historical building, as a rule, fully coincides with the area to a vibrant urban center. The contradictions between the need to preserve the building and needs sharper in the center of the city, more and more.

To solve this problem, we propose different measures. For example, to create a center outside the historic core. Some of these proposals have been initiated. First of all, the underlying concept of the reconstruction, showing – as we will develop a spatially central part of what are expected of a basic transport and pedestrian flows and what is the future appointment of separate sites, streets and neighborhoods. The most important part of this concept – the separation of the center of the zones with different buildings and according to level of protection varies.