How To Develop A Logo

The main thing that should osoznovat designer, and even more so, and his client, is that the logo does not the owner of the famous, and vice versa – the goods / services the company for its quality produce famous logo. The author repeatedly had to listen to the hope that only one appearance of the logo to the company attracted new customers. As an example to follow the rule cited as a trademark of Daimler Benz Mercedes firms: a simple impossibly sign, and how much we all said. But let me, because it is the quality of cars has brought fame and popularity to sign, but not vice versa. Absolutely the same reason, poor quality goods manufacturer brings bad fame, and his trademark, as it were perfect it may seem in terms of design, carries the load, is repels customers. It is easier sometimes to create a new brand than to restore credibility to the old uterannoe.

If your the customer does not agree with such situation, you should politely send him on in short, is a famous line. Otherwise you risk, at best, to spend on a logo design is an order of time and effort than Such work deserves, and at worst – and even get to his head foe in former customer, who will speak to every comer of you only the bad, and certainly will not pay a penny. Based on foregoing, we conclude that the future logo can be anything. However, to ensure that your customer was satisfied and the next time it is addressed to you, you should not make some of the things on which we more detail below.