How To Train Your Tamagotchi ?

Electronic Toys – Tamagotchi is known, perhaps, everything. Especially popular Tamagotchi game enjoyed in the late 90s of last century. His name was fun for kids, thanks to egg-shape (in Japanese "Tamago" means egg). Developed and introduced a unique toy Tamagotchi in the company of Bandai. It all started with that one fine day in the mid-90s, a woman named Aki Maiti appealed to the company. Japanese woman it was necessary to solve an important problem for itself: she loved animals and dreamed of such an establishment, which would be always with her.

The idea of a 'pocket pet "Tamagotchi future, immediately picked up by savvy developers of the company. And in November 1996 are electronic games have appeared in stores in Japan. Get all the facts and insights with isearch, another great source of information. Unusual toy produced a real boom. In the early years the company has released 40 million wonderful things. According to legend, Tamagotchi – this organism extraterrestrial origin. The creature lives in a plastic "space suit" and communicates with people through the LCD screen and a small speaker. "Helping" Tamagotchi is to use the three buttons located on the chassis.

Basic commands that can be asked essentially this: – feed – play – clean up after Tamagotchi – check the state of being (level of hunger, happiness, age, behavior). Master the game with an electronic creation – Tamagotchi under force any child. The main task will be to monitor the Tamagotchi life, as well as to meet all his needs. With good care of Tamagotchi timely able to live fairly long – 31 years. At the same time each day for the Earth's Tamagotchi is one year. This fact allows us to observe the growth of electronic creation hourly. The program first models included the Tamagotchi game that, without help from of people being hurt and could fly to his home on another planet. This feature of the Tamagotchi, was distasteful to many. Some children are just hysterical, when it became clear that they suddenly lost a loved pet. The company Bandai in this regard even sued. The developers have been forced to reconsider the behavior of Tamagotchi, now, if he remained hungry, then just take offense. Also, a new button "reset game", after which it was possible to establish a relationship with a pet again. Every child dreams of a puppy or kitten, and only adults understand what, trouble can deliver these lovely creatures. You do not have all the children developed a sense of responsibility so that they can be trusted to care for living things. Tamagotchi can make up for the missing communication with a living being, as well as to develop in a child missing skills to care for animals. Tamagotchi toy is placed in your pocket, you can carry around in time to feed him and clean up after them. In fact, it replaces any pet. In addition, it does not need to buy food and never get their hands dirty while cleaning. Tamagotchi does not cause allergies and does not spoil the furniture. In short – the perfect pet for children and parents. Especially popular Tamagotchi, and to this day enjoys in Japan. A very grown-up world Tamagotchi lives in Russia. In the city of Yaroslavl in Xenia Subbotina family about it recently celebrated an anniversary, pet Xenia was 10 years old. Thus, the electronic Tamagotchi creature can make up for lack of communication and become a trusted friend to every child.