To be indexed in Google, really we should do nothing. Google is a search engine that inside falls into the category of Robots or Crawlers, i.e. goes crawling across the network and indexando automatically all the web sites that is, starting with page index of each of them and its link structure. Now well, necessary to please Google so you index our site without any problems. For it to be indexed successfully ideally: 1 – establishes a title in each of the documents that make up our website.

The title must be short and define the contents of the document, using maximum a couple of criteria by those who consider that page should be found in the search. 2 Use the metatags. Although google ignores them, or so it seems, it is always better to have them than not have them. In my opinion the only one that seems useful to google is the meta name description. 3 Attempts to use a HTML code clean and that sticks to the standards.

Forget about Front Page and pages enhances with Microsoft Word and exported to HTML. 4. About the Flash. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. Apparently Google already indexes sites developed entirely in flash, aasta now using Flash and the promotion of a page regarding looked two opposing interests. Google was unable to extract information and follow links embedded within a .swf file, so that both the content of this page and links to other not were explored by Googlebot and as a result, ignored completely. However, there are many questions concerning the indexing process who receive this type of files (or Web sites) relating to web sites in HTML, if google finds them equally important or not. We recommend, if your intention is the of a strong promotion on your website or attempt to position it, not develop it all in flash, if not use the flash in parts of your documents if what you need is to give you some eye candy or dynamism. 5. Don’t try to trick Google with old tricks (that no longer work) as hidden text (text with the same color as the background page) or similar resources. 6 Try that your pages contain text, and that the text should contain the criteria by which you wish to be found on Google. Google will display the pages based on the information that can be extracted from them, mainly of the title and the contents in text. 7 Increase your pagerank. To do this try to get links from other websites to yours, for example, through an Exchange with similar or complementary thematic web sites. Addition, certain that if the contents of your web site are interesting, more than one site will include a link to yours without you even have to ask. 8 Try to not use frames or frames in your index page. Google to index a page extracts information from it, if your page index composed of frames, in reality, the contents of that page are only the frameset, i.e. the few lines of code which establish the frames on the page. 9. If your site is dynamic (asp, php) try that at least the index page is not, it is easier Google index a static page that a dynamic. 10 Domain and hosting of payment on principle seems that he facilitates indexing sites, if does not represent an economic crisis, tries to register your own domain and host it on a hosting of payment and prevents free accommodation without domino.