Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

There is a kind of ceiling as suspended ceilings. And the application started not so long ago in our country, but during that time they have won great popularity, as have many advantages such as: easy installation (you can mount batten ceilings and no specialists), quick installation, long life and beautiful appearance. The most important moment of the installation – it is right to put the first corner and then everything else will go like clockwork, as the frame will align itself. Basically, the scope of suspended ceilings – it's premises with high humidity such as bathroom and toilet. The kit includes rails (alluminum or metal) up to 4 meters and a width of 85 millimeters and system. The system itself can be mounted at a ceiling of virtually any type of lighting fixtures, ranging from spots and finishing with chandeliers.

Main place of pre-schedule lighting and provide for them an additional attachment to the ceiling (to the floor slab). Usually, this special metal anchors, which to overlap. At present, appeared on the market weight variations in color and texture suspended ceilings, which greatly expanded the range of applications. The service life of such ceilings – 15-20 years.