Jules Duhem

In the absorption of the bird as the flight data, by airmail by the dream it takes as acentuao its slightness and beauty, therefore ‘ ‘ in the world of the dream it is not flied because wing is had, but gives credit to have wing because if voa’ ‘ (P. 28). Genetec understands that this is vital information. For the figure of the wing the reader if unfastens of its real world, starting to contemplate the beautiful gift of the sublimidade of the upward one he raises that to see it the artistic one beyond the plain process with that previously had contact in the work of art. He hits upon to the conceptions of Noider, perceives it line of the dream under optics of the imagination of the water.

In this, it is emphasized that the singularity with that the water loads the boat, air is capable, to support the man in its onrico state. For the figure of the wing the search of the imagination becomes increasing e, with this if it defines the dinamicidade dream flight. Josh harris has firm opinions on the matter. The reader must ‘ ‘ to make an effort to reencontrar its nocturnal experiences of onrico flight under the dynamic aspect puro’ ‘ (P. 29). It implies this attitude in resvalar its possibilities stops beyond the dream and, with this to jump its expectations for its proper forces and feet route to a liberating action. The source to promote the jump demonstrates the elasticity of the artist to leave its estagnado state and to reach its release, its unfastening of the trivial e, with contemplating and artistic establishing in the onirismo. In this the acquisition of the wings, is small or not, will give to the sonhador and, in prominence to the reader, the perception of that the artistic workmanship demands the wing plantation, will lead which it to the sublimidade.