Knowing The PC

The present investigation on the Antecedents and Generations of the Computers, is directed to offer information updated on this important field of the Human activity, and to provide explanation about why and since it has been the advance of the computers until our times. The modern times the Computers have become a tool of extreme importance, not only for the development of our towns, but also, for the development of Science, new Technologies, due to the increasing advances that in the matter have been reached. Due to the increasing necessity of our present world, to obtain a greater knowledge and understanding of the technological advances in the industry of computer science, it is that I have decided to approach the subject of the simplest way, so that it is included/understood by which they are excited by this race. For the accomplishment of this work, besides systematically analyzing the different written sources of intelligence on the subject, also I obtained data (interviews) of some friendly that have attended the race previously. Finally, I want to mean that a work of the magnitude as &quot is them the subject; " Antecedents and Generations of the Computadoras" " hardly it can be boarded exhaustive, nevertheless I create to touch the aspects flagranter than they serve as aid to future investigations I HISTORY OF THE COMPUTATION UNTIL CENTURY XVIII THE FIRST STEPS 1.1 The ABACUS OR the TABLE OF CALCULATION Before having words or symbols to represent the numbers, the primitive man used its fingers to count.

The old abacus consisted of introduced stones in furrows that were realised in the sand. These movable stones took to the development of the abacus, which already knew in the year 500 A.C and was used by the Egyptians. " " The word calculation means stone; in this way calcular&quot arose the word; ".