Large Format Printers

Large Format Printers (plotters) are oriented to the demands of professional users (architects, engineers, interior designers), who demand unmatched accuracy and print quality. Large Format Printer (Plotter) provides the ability to print the best quality that can be compared only with a photograph. Now very quickly and actively develops the advertising business, and for the production of outdoor advertising widescreen Printers are an indispensable device. Therefore willing to buy a plotter variety of companies. Unfortunately, large-format printing market is still far from being the absolute saturation and actively formed. But now at market are different models of wide-format printers. Especially popular are the models produced by large technology firm Hewlett-Packard, which not only provides solutions in the field it infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, but also a producer of plotters.

For example, the model of plotter hp Designjet 500 Plus is available for customers with integrated software processor Bitmap efi Designer Edition for professional management and high accuracy. Without a doubt, plotter hp 500 is designed for professional users. But there are a number of other models that deserve attention. So how do you make of such diversity among the right choice? When buying a plotter is important to pay particular attention to the following characteristics: resolution printing performance; quality, reliability and warranty service, the breadth of a printed field plotter; cost. Many dealers do not burden themselves with warranty. That is why an important condition for the reliability of the plotter is to choose the correct supplier who is able to provide service. Installation of modern equipment for large format printing offers a distinct advantage in business development, as modern plotters have high performance. So, you choose!