Leonardo Da Vinci

a To give more spice to all the above, Nod says: You better take note of everything that refers to symbols, because among those invited to speak at future meetings, we, no less than one of the great masters of symbolism, one of the great geniuses of mankind, the creator of the Vitruvian Man, I’m talking about the Grand Master, Leonardo Da Vinci. these symbols we refer to those used by astrologers remain priests today known as the a Star of David or Solomon, his son, and is the banner of a nation: a The present state of Israel . a With these explanations, with the help of Nod, we were all seized by the desire to know more, the scene of the facts narrated by Keila, adquiriaa other dimensions, we are no longer their world was so dark and incomprehensible, but on the contrary, we hinted that he possessed knowledge that for some reason, it we had failed to learn from those who have handled the story.