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Gnostice information technologies, the leading supplier of components for .NET, Java, Delphi/c++ Builder platforms includes SOS software service a distribution contract for D-A-CH. SOS software service GmbH is headquartered in Augsburg and is specialized in the distribution of software products for 25 years. SOS software already offers a wide range of developer tools. h analysis. Therefore SOS customers can buy all developer products from a single source software service. SOS software service offers its customers German-speaking customer service representative, fast and flexible support to projects, payments in euro with different payment terms, and much more. Of course the gnostice products can be purchased also very easily with the help of the online product configurator via the online shop.

Mr Marc Gloning, Managing Director and owner of the SOS software service GmbH says: “the gnostice solutions are a perfect complement for any software developer. Because we already have many distributions in the development environment, gnostice added our portfolio perfectly.” Gnostice approach document management is more and more often in conversation. Even Delphi developers are increasingly confronted with this topic. Page S. Gardner describes an additional similar source. Particularly in the area of the applikationsinternen reporting, the request is increasingly a retention of reports / documents in prescribed formats and also a possible connection to a document management system. However, the purchase of a document management system can be costly.

According to company size and function needs, prices vary between a few tens of thousands euros and a up to six-figure amount. But these sums are unsustainable for the so-called SME sector in particular. Here gnostice sets and provides components for developers. There are these components both for the world of the VCL (Delphi and C++ Builder).NET world. “SOS has been recommended to us software service from many manufacturers. In the coming weeks and months would we to break all resellers on SOS software service and products in the D-A-CH space still carry more in the channel. “, Girish Patil, gnostice says founder.” Gnostice @ BASTA! 2012 and Delphi 2012 days gnostice as sponsor, speaker and exhibitor at the BASTA! 2012 and Delphi 2012 take part days. Gnostice is presenting its product portfolio and for customer questions personally available on these two events. Gnostice is a leading provider of document and writings components for. NET, Delphi / C++ Builder and Java platforms. Gnostice support components, software developer at the simple creation of multi format documents, Advanced PDF processing (creation, editing, display, printing and processing machines), Delphi report export, and native fonts processing capabilities. Gnostice is successful on the market for 10 years and served thousands of developers in over 80 countries with its products.