MAX Transportation

Rutman, Project Manager for delivery at the MAKS-2005. Transportation aircraft in cities by night, outside the cities – only in the daytime. Since being delivered to the MAX: "Union" and "Clipper" had been loaded at night, the route calculated so that in the morning to travel outside of Moscow. Just after dawn technique transported in . "When such transport is involved primarily motor vehicles, – says Alexander Leonidovich. – Firstly, it is the most maneuverable. Secondly, the only vehicles capable of delivering cargo "from door to door. And since items such as airplanes, very fragile, it is necessary to reduce the number of transfers from one mode transport to another, to reduce the likelihood of damage.

In general, for the transport aircraft used by low-bed truck trailers with a low sliding platform – 500 mm from the ground. This is done in order to "Fit" in the height of the bridge on the road, not to touch power lines, etc. In particular, the implementation of transportation at the MAKS-2005 the height of our trains was less than 4.55 m. By the way, these trailers are widely used in transportation and technology at all another type, such as construction machinery. A low trailer is easier to drive tractors, concrete mixers, etc., "Information about the company:" Europe-Lloyd, a special transport provides services for transportation of bulky and heavy cargo truck, as well as other modes of transport in Russia and cis countries. Founded in 2000 in Russia. Included in the group of Western European companies Felbermayr (Austria). At the disposal of its own Vehicles: trucks, special semi-(2-axle / 3-Axis / 4-axis / 5-axis / 6-Axis) capacity of up to 75 tons with a length of the loading area up to 28 m and a minimum loading height of 0.5 m. Areas activities: – transportation of oversized and heavy cargo road train, as well as delivery of goods by other modes of transport from the "door" – assessment of the road, screening and selection of optimal routes for transport – getting required special permits and organization support for oversized and overweight trucks cars dps traffic police, the ccr and other services.