Mirror Hall

In addition to its functional purpose, the mirror can visually enlarge the space and make it lighter (more leaf area of the mirror, the more it becomes bright and spacious room) with a mirror and located next to the fixtures, you can create interesting effects of local lighting to make it exclusive, and create an atmosphere of intimacy. Striking and memorable for all the interiors, in which there layered mirrored ceiling, "Mirror Hall" in which large mirrors are combined with the texture and color of the walls themselves, a mirror with the effect of transparency when it is viewed through the wall. Whatever the mirror – colorless, green, gray, blue, bronze or gold – it will always be a magic symbol and mysterious amulet, reflecting the diversity of human nature and the imagination. In the space of a modern home still live on old ornamental patterns, long carries enormous meaning. According to long-standing belief, embodied in the eastern ornaments of ancient symbols and signs to protect the house from evil spirits. Carpets Persian ornamental motifs, black, red and green Samarkand embroidery, brocade draperies, visually expand the space through the glare of luster and light, abundant variety of colors, each of whom has a special magic meaning, do intersferu dazzlingly beautiful and incredibly comfortable, enveloping its occupants and spicy soft cover.

And if you fancy textiles fills interior mystical oriental luxury, the unique ethnic aksessorika – Indonesian wooden masks and statuettes in hand made mahogany, teak and Guards, panels with pictures of Egyptian gods, weapons Maori tribe allow to touch the roots of antiquity, creating a solemn, ritualistic atmosphere of the cult action, mysterious and fascinating. Attractive interior space in the house Marianzhely Calista (historian arts, designer) turned into a whole series of small lounges. Instead of the usual walls – flowing embroidered Indian fabrics, homespun Berber canopy, the transitions from the aged wood floors to the mosaic tile. Unsteady Flame of numerous candles poured on polished caskets from Burma, is reflected in the stained glass copper Cairo lantern and lacquer surfaces Chinese chests, drowning in black velvet and a large sofa. This vibrant Dialogue things completely transforming conventional notions about the animation and matter. Sometimes so much so that the space at home seems alive. The concept and phenomenon of homes contrary to the frantic pace of modern times. Whatever the outward nor was the house he lives his own peculiar, with nothing identifiable life, says in his secret language of objects, and sometimes it seems the embodiment of eternity.