Modern Poetry And The Internet

Skeptics among literary critics believe that the art of adding verses in Russia has sunk into oblivion with the departure of the classics of the Silver Age Is this true? As a frequenter of such pages on the Internet as,,, termite, etc – I can confidently say – modern poetry exists, develops, and even experiencing an upswing, judging by the number of young writers, publishing, albeit sometimes not certain, but very interesting poems Russia has always been rich in talent. There are talented contemporary poetry in our day. To see this, just type in any search engine the words "modern poetry" and read what they think today's youth, for which he is worried what afraid and, of course, how can love modern love lyrics little different from the poetry of past centuries – she pours on the reader the eternal problems of mankind and the eternal truth: love, jealousy, passion Today, as in all times, the majority of poems written of course in this genre – a genre of love poetry. As it was before, before the advent of Internet technology in our lives? Poets wrote many years "in the table, occasionally reading out their work at meetings of literary clubs, knocked at doors of newspapers and magazines, or, at best, to publish his poems samizdat. For any beginning writer, which is usually young and poor – the Internet just a godsend: he could share his creativity with like-minded, having published his poems in the network is completely free, secretly cherishing the hope that it will notice and help have been published in a magazine or in book publishing Well, miracles happen And these days the chances to accomplish such a miracle-increasing considerably. Internet is rapidly burst into our lives, with its advent came to naught, many problems, including problems of publishing young writers of his work.

As for sites that publish works by contemporary authors, the most popular are, in my opinion, and They are similar in many respects: both on and another may be free to publish his work either registered author are different as they are, perhaps, the audience. At printed mostly beginners, so read this site young people, and the mound published more mature poetry. In every age its advantages: if poetry by young authors vary vehemence and passion, the poetry adult authors melodic rhyme better. Of course, in our age of high technology anyone who considers himself a poet rhymer can publish their poetry online. Care is only one problem: how to cope with an avalanche of verse mass, published daily in the network in numerous blogs, niche sites, and not only? How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Perhaps we should not forget that the poets that are now revered as classics are not always received the recognition during his lifetime, so whether indiscriminate abuse of modern Poetry? Maybe we're just now do not understand their avant-garde art, and twenty years from now it will go down in the books of literature? Useless to argue. Only by His Majesty Time will put everything in its place