Mosaic Material

Mosaic is the perfect material for creativity. We all know that the mosaic is absolutely indispensable in humid environments, because it is durable “stuff” that is easily cleaned and repaired (replaced the damaged piece is not difficult). So what is recognized as a classic of the genre today is a mosaic swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas and baths. For designers, especially the important quality of the material is mosaic that can be easily curved surfaces. But modern swimming pools and bathrooms are truly bizarre shapes! In addition, a mosaic – a great way to underscore the individual fragments facade of the house, entrance lobby, stairs, decorative garden sculptures. With Mosaic you can put any figure on the floor, walls, bathroom or even the bath.

Smooth grooved pieces are usually collected by manufacturers in the matrix of 32×32 cm, so theoretically do mosaic “applique” may be even a layman. But it is better to trust a specialist. Least because the wall under the tile must carefully aligned, because the pattern can detect all defects and irregularities. It is also important to choose the right glue, so it was not visible on clear to use mosaic in your home, remember one thing. This very durable material, and therefore you should think of themselves in advance of colors and patterns that are not bored you for many years. If you do not like to make frequent costly repairs, it is better to give preference mosaic of bright colors with a quiet figure, or even monotonous: in the end, the classics are always in fashion.